Two One Hit Wonder Groups!

From the Sixties: Crazy Elephant and The Joe Jeffrey Group.

Crazy Elephant

A bubblegum group assembled by producers Jerry Kasenentz and Jeff Katz (who also had the Ohio Express & 1910 Fruitgum Company)

  • Robert Spencer (vocals)
  • Kenny Cohen (flute, saxophone, vocals), who later performed with The Eagles, Santana, Rod Stewart and B. B. King
  • Bob Avery (drums), who also played with The Music Explosion
  • Larry Laufer (keyboards, vocals)
  • Hal King (vocals)
  • Ronnie Bretone (bass)

Gimme Gimme Good Lovin/ Bell 763/ April 1969/ #12

Now this is another group I loved; too bad they only had the one hit.
The Joe Jeffery Group

Born in Buffalo NY, an R&B singer and Guitarist

My Pledge of Love/ Wand 11200/ July 1969/ #14  (Gary just loves this song)

The Joe Jeffrey Group will go down in history as a one-hit wonder, but what a hit – their infectious “My Pledge of Love” remains a classic of ’60s pop-soul.

Little is known about Jeffrey. Born Joe Stafford in Buffalo, NY, he presumably adopted his stage name “Joe Jeffery” to avoid confusion with pop singer Jo Stafford, and was a fixture as an R&B singer and guitarist of the Cleveland club circuit before signing to Wand Records.

An effervescent, string-sweetened effort closer to sunshine pop than soul, “My Pledge of Love” reached #14 on the Billboard pop charts in 1969 but conspicuously missed the R&B charts altogether.

Jeffrey’s career nevertheless seemed promising, but the follow-up, “The Train”, tanked and he never recovered his momentum.

After a third Wand release, “Chance of Lovin’ You”, the Joe Jeffrey Group cut “My Baby Loves Lovin”, but a rival rendition of that song by British bubblegum group “White Plains” captured the attention of radio.

After one last effort, “A Hundred Pounds of Clay”, Wand cut its losses and the Joe Jeffrey Group called it quits.


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