Garnet Mimms & the Enchanters!

Gary: “I guess one of my favourite ballads of the Rock and Roll Era would be “For Your Precious Love” written by Arthur & Richard Brooks/ Jerry Butler.  Now the first version I heard was by Jerry Butler and the Impressions in 1958. Then the next version was by a group, which most people have forgotten.  One last note, Otis Redding does a great version of “For your Precious Love“, but let’s take a look at a forgotten singer and group that I really enjoyed …

Garnet Mimms

Garnet Mimms (born Garrett Mimms, 16 November 1933, Ashland, West Virginia)

& The Enchanters
  • Garnet Mimms – lead – West Virginia
  • Zola Pearnell – Philadelphia PA
  • Sam Bell – Philadelphia PA
  • Charles Boyer – North Carolina

Video:  One of the few live videos, and look who introduces Garnet Mimms…

His Hits:

They all had a great deal of experience as individual singers before forming The Enchanters.  Zola sang in Europe with the Paul Roberts choir, Charles sang with Spiritual Group Ambassadors, Sam was a songwriter, and Garnet was a piano player

In 1963, the group signed with United Artists records and in August of that year they had their first and biggest hit with the Bert Russell song “Cry Baby.”

Mimms went solo and performed another Berns and Ragovoy hit “I’ll Take Good Care Of You” in 1966. He went on to work with Jimi Hendrix in the UK the following year. He did some recording on the MGM and Verve Records labels.

In the 1970s he released a few funk songs as “Garnet Mimms and The Truckin’ Co”. He had his only hit in the United Kingdom at that time, when “What It Is” reached #44 for one week on the UK Singles Chart in June 1977.

Mimms was given a Pioneer Award in 1999 by the Rhythm and Blues Foundation.

In the 1980s, Garnet found his calling ministering to lost souls in prison, but in 2007 returned to recording, and in 2008 released a new gospel album Is Anybody Out There? on the Evidence label, produced and (primarily) written by Jon Tiven.



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