The Ad Libs

Let’s take a look at another one-hit group from 1965.  The group hails from New Jersey and in the winter of 1965 had a very big hit!

The Ad Libs

Video Live in 1991:

1.  The Boy from New York City/ Blue Cat 102/ February 1965/ #8

The Ad Libs were a vocal group from Bayonne, New Jersey in the early 1960s whose female lead vocals and male backing influenced the doo-wop singing style of many later groups. Their 1965 single “The Boy From New York City”, written by George Davis & John T. Taylor, was their only hit.

Originally ‘The Creators’, the group formed in 1964 in Bayonne with Hugh Harris, Danny Austin, Dave Watt, Norman Donegan and Mary Ann Thomas. “The Boy From New York City” was released in December 1964 and by March 1965 had reached #8 on the US pop charts.

The group followed this up with “He Ain’t No Angel” which barely troubled the top 100. The next two singles failed to chart, and the Ad Libs were soon dropped from Red Bird Records.

They continued to record into the 1980s, but have never repeated the success of “The Boy From New York City”. The song went on to chart again in the UK for Darts in 1978 and in the US for The Manhattan Transfer in 1981).


4 responses to “The Ad Libs

  1. Cool tune. Lotsa’ good songs formed from that one riff, like “Can I Get a Witness” by Marvin Gaye!

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