The Jacks, the Cadets and the Teen Queens

Gary: “In 1955 and 1956, all I remember was the great songs and the music.  Here is one group, that recorded under two different names and had several hits.  One of the group members, Aaron Collins had two sisters, Betty and Rosie, and they recorded under a different name and they also had one hit. Then they all disbanded and went different ways, but some of them came together again in 1961 and had another hit.  So here is My Story…

The Cadets/ The Jacks

The Teen Queens

The Teen Queens

The Flares

Their Hits:

1.  Why Don’t you write me (The Jacks)/ RPM/ October 1955

2.  Stranded in the Jungle (The Cadets)/ Modern 994/ July 1956/ #15 (Best Seller #15, Juke Box #15 Top 100 # 18)

3.  Eddie My Love (The Teen Queens)/ RPM 453/ #14 (Best Seller #14 Juke Box #16 Top 100 # 22)

4.  Foot Stomping Part 1 (The Flares)/ Felsted 8624/ October 1961/ #25

So here is my story (by Gary)

The Original groups:
Willie Davis
Dub Jones
Aaron Collins
Ted Taylor
Lloyd McGraw

The Jacks: Recorded “Why Don’t You Write Me” in October of 1955.

The Cadets: The group was formed in the mid-fifties and signed with Saul Bihart’s Modern Records.  Their first release was “Don’t Be Angry“, which was moderately popular.  A short time later They did a version of the Jay Hawks “Stranded in the Jungle” which became a hit in 1956.

A year prior to this hit, the group had recorded under another name, The Jacks, (which included Lloyd McGraw) and had hit on RPM records (owned by Modern Records), called “Why Don’t You Write Me“.

When the group disbanded a short time later , bass singer Will Jones went on to sing with the Coasters on most of their major hits, while lead singer Aaron Collins, (whose sisters Betty and Rosie where the Original Teen Queens of “Eddie My Love” fame), went on to form The Flares with George Hollis and a few others, and had a hit in 1961, called “Foot Stomping Part 1“.


2 responses to “The Jacks, the Cadets and the Teen Queens

  1. Hi Guys; Great stuff; ‘Why Don’t You Write Me’ was covered up here by Snooky Lansen of ‘Your Hit Parade’. Then Ray Petersen put it on the flip side of his ‘Corinna, Corinna’. I always dug the tune. I think The Chordettes covered ‘Eddie My Love’ but as I remember, it was lame. ‘Foot Stompin’ is one of my favourites. Reminds me of Grade 10. Cheers…….Ron.

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