Larry Hall

True Story:  The biggest Pop Music Station in my area growing up was Toronto’s CHUM 1050 AM Radio.  Now somewhere in the early 1960’s, do not remember the year, they where always running contests.  My mother listened and they played  2 seconds of a song, not necessarily the beginning, and they wanted the Song name and Artist.  Well the prize had reached $100 and my mother did not have a clue.   I had a job at Texaco Canada in the Computer Department, but she asked me to listen during the day and identify the song.  Well as soon as I heard the 2 seconds I knew the song and phoned my mother.  Well the contest had been going for some time without a correct answer and they where getting concerned, so even though my Mother (Daisy Copeland) phoned 20 minutes early, they asked her if she had an answer, she gave it to them, they told her to hold for 20 minutes and she won, true story.  This was that 1959 Song—
Larry Hall
June 30, 1940 – September 24, 1997

1.  Sandy/ Strand 25007/ December 1959/ #15

Larry Hall (born Lawrence Kendall Hall, 30 June 1940, in Hamlett, Ohio, a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio —to Woodrow Burney Hall and Toto Sophia Sizemore Hall. Died of cancer 24 September 1997, Oregon) recorded a one-hit wonder song called “Sandy” in 1959. The disc reached #15 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Larry Hall attended Rancho Alamitos High School, Garden Grove California in the late 50’s. He appeared on the favourite dance show, American Band Stand in late 1959 and was seen out with a variety of female singers.

He married Sharon Lee Hattensty in 1961 and moved to Pedee Oregon in 1967. They later divorced. They had three children, Jennifer (Ginger)Dawn Murphy Haber, born July 28, 1962, Toto LaVerne Simons, born November 3, 1963, and Larry Damon Hall, born July 14, 1965.

He became involved with Barbara Gambetti after his divorce and they had a son, Jesse Gambetti, born in 1977. He and his family lived in Pedee, Oregon, as a gentleman farmer of a 120-acre (0.49 km2) ranch called the Circle H Ranch for the remainder of his life.

He also sang for the rest of his life, joined by his brother Gene at various night clubs in the Willamette Valley and on the Oregon coast, and was often noted in the ‘Magpie’, a local musical news tabloid published in Salem, Oregon. Larry continued to sing and play guitar until his death from Cancer on September 24, 1997.


3 responses to “Larry Hall

  1. I’m always amazed at the characters you find that I’ve never heard of—even though starting around 1957 I was glued to AM radio and American Bandstand! (I may have mentioned that I would stay home from grade school for much of 1957—exaggerating my cold symptoms—so I didn’t have to miss the FIRST 30 MINUTES of American Bandstand! I had a SERIOUS case of the rockin’ pneumonia.) I assume they were playing the same tunes on Toronto radio as they were on Boston radio? Anyway, I love being educated…

  2. Educated – LOL. Stick with us, kid.
    Er, maybe that should read, Stick with Gary.
    – Russ

  3. Larry was my great uncle. I don’t remember much of him because I was only seven when he died, but I do remember that he used to drive all the kids around the hay fields on the family tractor. Also my grandfather was the guitarist playing in most of his songs. =)

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