Tonight, something a little different.  Not a Top 40 Hit, but a #71 on the Top 100.  While touring in Australia in 1957, Jerry Allison (the drummer for The Crickets) heard this song which was done by Johnny O’Keefe.  In 1958, they went into the studio, recorded “Real Wild Child”, which would reach only #71 in September of 1958, but this song would eventually become a Rock Standard.  It was recorded under the name “Ivan”, but it was really Jerry Allison, vocals & drums, with Buddy Holly on Lead Guitar and Joe Mauldin on Bass…

L-R: Jerry Allison, Buddy Holly, Joe B. Mauldin

Jerry and “Peggy Sue” Gerron

Left to Right

Nikki Sullivan, Jerry Allison, Buddy Holly, Joe B. Mauldin

1.  Real Wild Child/ Coral/ September 1958/ #71

5 responses to “Ivan!

  1. Adrian Owlett

    This track was always one of my favourite – what a great understated vocal on it. However the pic of Buddy on-stage with The Crickets credits the guitarist shown as Sonny Curtis. The guy in this photograph is actually not Sonny, but is Nikki Sullivan. Hope this puts the record straight.

    • Hi Adrian,
      Gary says: It is nice to see that Adrian is still alive! He is correct. Just change the name.
      Thanks, man.
      – Russ

      • Chris Clements

        Hi Adrian
        Me again Chris Clements.
        Gene Vincent had Don ARDEN as manager ( Sharon Osborn’s dad, she didn’t like him either ), NOT Don Harvey ( he was a key board player) the old memory goes haywire sometimes, the price of getting old.


    • Chris Clements

      Hi Adrian.
      Yes your righ Nikki Sullivan, who died a few years back very suddenlt while playing golf. He had twin boys, but it seems the music Gene didn’t follow through to the two boys, it sometimes jumps a generation.

      I worked with Gene Vincent bu the way.
      I was in the Checkpoints, a warm up band for him, before he came on stage with Sounds Incorporated and such like. Don Harvey was managing him at the time, ohhhhh enough said about him !

      Take care Adrian.

      Chris Clements.


  2. Wow, I remember this tune — but only the version by “Ivan.” It got a LOT of play in Boston in ’58. Haven’t heard it in over 50 years. Never knew that it was the Crickets, though in retrospect the first few instrumental bars sounds just like one of their hits. This explains why I heard a disk jockey say at the end of a Crickets’ song: “That was Ivan playing drums.” Mystery solved 53 years later.

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