Bobby Comstock and the Counts!

This white Pop Group could really Rock, but they are really in the category of  Unknown Singers and Bands.  They came out of Ithaca New York around 1957/58, where they were just moderately successful and never had a top 40 hit.  I thought they where a great Rock and Roll Group at the time, yet they did sound like a lot of other groups of the day…

Bobby Comstock and the Counts

1.  Tra-La-La (I’m so Happy)/ Marlee 104/ 1958

2.  Zig Zag/ Triumph 602/ February 1959

3.  Tennessee Waltz/ Blaze 149/ October 1959

4.  Jambalaya/ Atlantic 2051/ February 1960

5.  Let’s Stomp and I want to Do It/ Lawn 202/ February 1963 (Let’s Stomp was Gary’s favourite)

Bobby Comstock learned to play the guitar at the tender age of five.  When he was twelve, he formed a rock band and played locally in the Ithaca NY area.

A few years later he joined a group called the Counts.  The group went to New York in early 1959 with one hundred dollars in their pockets to record a song called “Tennessee Waltz“.  They took their recording  to Herb Abramson (one-time owner of Atlantic Records) who liked it.  Herb had the fellows recut the song and released it on his Blaze records in October 1959.  The song went on to be a national hit.

I think that today Bobby still lives in the Ithaca area and backs up rock and roll shows that appear in New York City.


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