Kathy Young and the Innocents

After the first wave of Rock and Rollers had passed, “Pop Stars” emerged.  This young girl at the age of 15 had a #3 recording in the Top 40.  It was just that time, and after 50 years she is still singing…

Kathy Young
Kathy Young and the Innocents
Video:  Recorded live at the Beham Theater in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for a PBS special./
A Thousand Stars
Video:  In May 2010, late one night in a hotel lobby in Pittsburgh, Kathy Young and the Earth Angels did a little singing
1.  A Thousand Stars/ Indigo 108/ October 1960/ #3
2.  Happy Birthday Blues/ Indigo 115/ March 1961/ #30

Before she was 16 years old, Kathy Young had what millions work their life for – she was a Star. At age 14 she had caught the eye of a producer at a Wink Martindale T.V. show and within weeks she recorded what quickly became a number one hit and a standard in rock & roll “A Thousand Stars“. She was nicknamed “the Cinderella of show business“.

For five years she toured the U.S., Hawaii and Canada with Roy Orbison, The Everly Brothers, The Shirrells, Bo Diddley, Connie Francis, Brenda Lee, Ray Charles and Neil Sedaka, just to name a few, and appeared on American Bandstand four times where she received her gold record for “A Thousand Stars“.

She followed “A Thousand Stars” with an LP, “The Sounds of Kathy Young“, and follow up singles “Happy Birthday Blues” and “Magic Is The Night“. She also recorded a series of hit songs with Chris Montez as “Chris & Kathy“.

In 1965 at age 19 Kathy took a major step in a new direction – she married John Maus of the Walker Brothers, who was occasionally her guitar player. They met while they were both performing at “Pandora’s Box” in Hollywood. Soon after their marriage they moved to England where the Walker Brothers found success sharing the top spot on the charts with the Beatles and Rolling Stones.

In 1969 she returned to the U.S. She remarried in 1971, and for the next twenty years raised a family and helped manage their citrus ranch in Central California.

In 1994 she returned to L.A. where she now works for a major international company. She also returned to her original passion – music.

Since her return, Kathy has performed on numerous rock shows at some of the countries premier venues including the “Greek Theatre” in L.A. and the “Meadowlands” arena in New Jersey.


4 responses to “Kathy Young and the Innocents

  1. She looks pretty good for 70-something…..
    And that’s still not the same Wes Chapman.


  2. Hey guys; Cathy Young looks great ! And the voice is still there. Good times. By the way, check out Eddie Holman on You Tube. It blew me away. Keep up the good notes ! And Russ, thanks for last week. You sounded phenomenal as usual. Cheers……Ron.

  3. Thanks for letting me go back in time to a era that I enjoyed growing up in.

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