The Secrets

There are lots of Artists who became famous and who had many hits, but I am looking at the forgotten ones, the ones who only had one or two hits.  Here is a female group out of Cleveland Ohio that made it big in 1963…

The Secrets
1.  The Boy Next Door/ Philips 40146/ December 1963/ #18

The Secrets were an American girl group  from Cleveland’s Shaw High School that formed originally in 1961 by Karen Gray Cipriani(Lead),Carole Raymont McGoldrick(Alto/Bass),Jackie Allen Shwegler(High Tenor) and a girl named Sue soon replaced by Patty Miller(Soprano).

They first performed under the name The Sonnets, named after the Sonnet piano.

They were offered a local gig supporting a local ensemble, The Starfires (later The Outsiders), and at one of these performances, talent scout Redda Robbins offered them a contract.

The group then met with songwriters Johnny Madara and David White, members of  The Spokesmen. Through their influence, the group was able to release a single on Mercury Records called “The Boy Next Door“; the song hit #18 on the US Billboard Hot 100 in December 1963.

Three more singles followed on Mercury, but none of them charted, and the group parted ways in 1965.

The group has two interesting bits of music trivia. They were booked to appear on American Bandstand the weekend of November 22nd, 1963, which was cancelled due to John F. Kennedy’s assassination, and they were the last group to appear on American Bandstand in the spring of 1964, before Bandstand shifted from Philadelphia to Los Angeles.

Members Patty Miller and Carole McGoldrick continued performing as The Memories for a year following the breakup.

The group reunited in the early 1990s to play at their high school reunion. They later reunited for a “Pride of Cleveland Past” Concert at the Parmatown Rib Burnoff in the early 2000’s.

Carole McGoldrick died on June 16, 2010.

For a more complete account of this group, you can visit:



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