The Cheers!

This is really not about “Rock and Roll” but just an interesting little tid bit.  This man was a game show host, a singer on Broadway and movie personality.
Bert Convay
(Bernard Whalen “Bert” Convy – July 23, 1933 – July 15, 1991)

Now before all of the Television success, when he was in his early 20’s he actually had a #6 Song on the Billboard Charts in 1955.

The Cheers
Gil Garfield
Sue Allen
Bert Convy

1.  (Bazoom) I need your Lovin/ Capitol/ September 1954

2.  Black Denim Trousers/ Captiol 3219/ September 1955/ #6

This was a vocal group that Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller put together on the West Coast in the mid-fifties to sing demo records of the songs that Jerry and Mike had written.  One of their demos called “(Bazoom) I need your Lovin’ ” which  the Cheers recorded found it’s way to Capitol Records.   The Group was signed to the label and the song was released in September of 1954.

In September of 1955, The Cheers had their biggest hit with a song about a rebel type character (in the James Dean mold) who wore “Black Denim Trousers” which became a national hit for the group.  They had another hit in March of 1958 with a car song about two auto’s racing towards each other, called “Chicken“.


One response to “The Cheers!

  1. I bought the Cheers ‘Black Denim Trousers’ on a Capitol 78 here in England in late 1955.It didn’t do anything over here, but I played it a lot back then.

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