The Voxpoppers

Here is a group from New York City with three brothers, who made it big in 1958; but it would be their only hit…

The Voxpoppers

1.  Wishing for your Love/ Mercury 71282/ May 1958/ #18

In the mid-fifties Mercury records was very successful with singing groups like the Gaylords, The Platters, The Diamonds and Crew Cuts.  They were able to sell millions of records with their primarily ballad sound. 

In 1958, they signed a group called the Voxpoppers, which had one major hit that year, the Ballad “Wishing for Your Love“.  Unfortunately, it proved to be the group’s only popular recording.



3 responses to “The Voxpoppers

  1. Dear Russ;

    Tried to send an update of Ryerson Reunion, but Daemon Mailer says not you. How could I have lost you? I recall months back you sent an update on your e-mail, but am I wrong?

    I’m at a retreat this weekend, but back 6pm Sunday.

    Where are you?
    Sorry don’t recall voxpoppers hit. Nice though.

    • Hi Connie Replying to this email again… you have used my new email address successfully !! Whoo hoo! I’m so glad we are still connected. How was the retreat you went on? – Russ

  2. My uncle was the drummer in this band. Glad to see that his efforts and others have been able to entertain. Here is a YouTube link to the song mentioned, If anyone has a video, it would be much appreciated if you could post the link.

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