Claudine Clark!

Here is a One-Hit girl, born in Macon Georgia; grew up in Philadelphia and in 1962 wrote and recorded a #5 hit…

Claudine Clark

Video: Yes it’s just the Party Lights song, but look at the dancers, we where good.

Chancellor Records had a few stars; Frankie Avalon, Bobby Rydell, Fabian and Chubby through Parkway, but too bad this little girl just did not make it at that time.

26 April 1941, Macon, Georgia, USA. After earning a degree in music composition at Coombs College, in her home town of Philadelphia, Clark recorded her first single ‘Angel Of Happiness’, backed by the Detroit Spinners, for Herald Records in 1958. She also recorded unsuccessfully for Gotham Records before joining the hit Philadelphia label Chancellor in 1962.

Disappointed’ was her first single but, as often happens, it was the B-side, her own composition, ‘Party Lights’, that became a hit for the pop/R&B vocalist with the childlike quality in her voice.

Musicians were probably Bobby Gregg (drums), Joe Macho (bass),   Walter Gates (piano) and Joe Renzetti (guitar).

2.  Walking through a Cemetery/ Chancellor 1124/ 1962

Clark’s later recordings, including a sequel record, ‘Walk Me Home From The Party’, failed to interest record buyers. She later recorded on Swan as “Joy Dawn” but had no further notable success.



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