Bobby & his Orbits

Gary: “A little group out of Huntington New York, that  featured an accordion in their brand of 50s Rock n Roll.  Actually not really a “One-Hit” group, because their song never made it as a Hit (i.e. into the Top 40), but it did get played by Dick Clark; a great dancing song, I loved it and bought it in 1958.

Bobby and his Orbits
  • Bobby Groccia : Lead Vocal, Guitar
  • Maryjane Groccia : Accordian, Vocals
  • Joe Boccia : Drums
  • Joe Di Bartolo : Bass



Maryjane was Bobby Goccia’s sister. She sang back-up and female leads, also played the keyboards, not to mention, the accordion!


1.  Felicia/ Seeco 6005/ October 1958

The original Felicia recording was released in 1958 and later reissued by Seeco in 1960.  Seeco (NYC) was actually a Latin flavored label, thus the accordian in the background. The lead singer was Bobby Groccia.


2.  Bandstand Dancing/ Seeco 6005 B side/

Bobby continued to play through the 1970s in Huntington, NY, as well as  the eastern Long Island area.

From what we read, they are still playing.



26 responses to “Bobby & his Orbits

  1. I LOVE the song “Felicia”!! I wonder if I heard it in 1958 on Boston radio?? The rhythm has a cajun feel to it. Buddy Holly could have made this a #1 hit. Someone in 2012 could do a VERY hip, retro version of this — or steal the feel and write a new song to it!

    • I think the accordion rhythm may be what contributes to the Cajun feel. Can you imagine trying to whistle that part? I don’t know about you, John, but my whistling sounds pretty lame these days. I think I must have lost my pucker. – Russ

    • You definitely heard it in Boston radio John because I did as well. I had the 45 as well. I am trying to pin down exactly when it hit the airwaves in Boston. I think it was early 1959 on WMEX.

  2. Trying to say hello to Bobby Groccia: I use to see the group at the Cat & Fiddle. I use to come with my crazy frien Bob who got on stage and did some announcing of the next song the group was going to play and then he jumped off the stage and started dancing with himself At break timethe group sat outside and harmonized to Gloria, and all the old great classic JUST VOICES Bobby has/had so much soul and the group Frenchy the drummer fantastic,Mary Ann/Organ/vocals what a voice, ,and John the bass player. Cant say enough wish they made more records/recordings to buy. Maybe one day a surprise on you tube a surprise we all like to hear them again. Bless their souls ERIC Jan 25,2013

    • Thank you for such a wonderful comment about Bobby.

    • They made a ton of sons after those hits. I know because Maryjane (who you refer to as “mary Ann”) is my Mother and John (the bass player) is my Father. Bobby Groccia is my uncle. I have all of the recordings (which contain many originals and which in my opinion are 100 times better than Felicia) – Just don’t know how to share them with you all.

  3. Matt F. Fauvell

    I would go to the “Cloud Nine” on rt. 110 in Farmingdale in the late 60s and dance the night away with Marilyn, my wife of 43 years, to a group called “Bobby and the Orbits”. Is this the same group? I would like to thank them for all the great times. I played colledge football with one of the bouncers…Tom Nikiunas and we are still good friends. I loved their covers of “I’m Your Puppet” and “Harlem Nocturn”. I wish I had a recording them! I hope someone gets back to me about where they are now and what they are doing! Matt Fauvell

    • Matt: This is Gary, the person who does the writing for the blog. I am a Canadian, living just North of Toronto, if the Farmingdale that you refer to is the one just East and South of Rochester, then I know it, my wife and I just spent two days there about a week ago. Now to Bobby Groccia, he is from Long Island and the band that recorded Felicia, really did not exist past 1962. It is a song and a record that I really loved, simple, great dancing song and Bandstand Dancing on the flip side was decent. Bobby played into the 70’s but mainly in the Long Island area. So, if the Farmingdale that you are talking about is around Huntington NY then it could have been them.

      • Gary, Thanks for the reply. Yes, it was in Farmingdale NY, near Huntington on Long Island. Sorry to reply to you so late, but I just came on to this site. It was great listening to them again! Thanks, Matt

    • Yes, same group. I went there all the time also. Bobby and Maryjane are my cousins.

  4. This is Jonathan. I am Bobby Groccia’s nephew. My mother was Maryjane Groccia and my father was John (the bassist) Juliano. Its great to hear that my families music is still loved! They recorded a ton of songs (much of which I have) in addition to Felicia. The songs that I have are truly hits that should have been classics today.
    FYI- Every now and then we all get together and play!

  5. I’ve been a pro sax player all my life and I was maybe 15 years old, hearing Bobby & The Orbits at the Cloud Nine. The song I remember the most was their fabulous cover of STAY by Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs. I heard them play it probably 20 times and I still remember how outrageously good it was, with Maryjane playing, if I recall, a metal shaker that sounded fantastic. The groove was HUGE! Thanks for the music and the memories, folks.

  6. James Groccia

    Wow. Glad to see my dad’s and my beloved aunt’s music is still remembered all these years later. My name is James Groccia and I’m Bobby’s son. I talk to him daily and see him often. I’m going to tell him about this site because I truly think he’ll be happy to read the memories people have about the bands performances.

    • Hey James
      It is so great to hear from you and that you like what my partner, Gary, has posted about your Dad’s group. Yes, please say “hi” to him for us.
      – Russ

    • I was at all the clubs in the 60’s sometimes with my sister. Cloud 9, Cat & Fiddle, Tiger’s Tail etc…I believe I went to school with Bobby’s wife Susan. I met them at one of the clubs where he was playing in the 60’s.Those were great times for R N’R music. Billy Joel and the Hassles also played around the Island. So many grest groups, so many clubs.

    • Hi James
      I’m Eric I am on the list of many who enjoyed the years at the Cat And Fiddle where your Dad /band played.Do hope your dad is ok/maybe singing and playing with the band. can we find any live recordings on line from the past years bobby and the orbits, Maybe John from the band has some or Bobby has some. For sure all of their fans want to see more. Thanks ERIC

    • Hello James Im Eric a Cat and Fiddle regular on the weekends Wow what great music and the Band was super. Would like update all is well.
      Thanks ERIC

    • Ron Blanchette

      I would love to get a recording of Felicia but can’t seem to find any sight with a download, I am 70 year old and I had a copy of the song when I was younger, I love this song.

  7. James,
    As with many happy memories of my youth, I think of the Orbits and your Dad often. Matt Fauvell

  8. I grew up in Manhasset in the 60’s and as I recall your group did the Manhasset High Frolic and I also think you played at my school: St Mary’s? I loved your group! Thanks for all of that. Do you still play at reunions etc?

  9. Met my wife and had our first dance at Cloud 9 in Farmingdale with Bobby and the Orbits as the house band. They were great…..would have had them play at my wedding in 68 but we couldn’t afford the 500 bucks at the time.

    • Al: I am envious that you actually saw them. They are really an unknown band but the song Felicia has a great following. I am the writer of the post-Gary, and I purchased the 45 in 1958 and saw them on American Bandstand. Yes, people in Toronto watched American Bandstand. It is one of my favourite songs, 4 chords easy to play, but you need the Accordion to complete the song.

      • Juliano Jonathan C.

        It’s Jonathan Juliano again (Bobby’s Nephew) I loaded a few videos on my YouTube page of original songs they did in the mid-late 60’s. Just type “Bobby and the Orbits” in google and the videos should pop up. Or simply go to YouTube and type the same thing in the search bar. I have a lot of songs (not a lot of pictures however) – Enjoy.

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