Gary Copeland My Rock ‘n’ Roll Teenage Years 1954-1959

Hi fellow bloggers, this is Gary, you know from Russ and Gary’s the Best Years of Music.  The next 6 posts will take you on my journey.  This will be the world of a Teenager, me, from 1954 through  1959, my High School years and the years Rock and Roll exploded. 

Gary Copeland

I will attempt to re-live what it was like during those years, what I saw, what I felt, what I experienced and what I learned. 

My High School…

Earl Haig Collegiate Institute - 1954

My Blog Partner, Russ

Russ Strathdee 1955

I know that the experience would have been different in various parts of the World, but for Russ and I, well we grew up in the same area.  He is and always will be 1 year my senior, so his experiences would have been a little different but I am the writer and researcher so this is what my experiences were during that time period. 

I hope that you find them at least enjoyable and sometimes funny, I have worked hard through many people to get the time lines correct.  So sit back and take a look at the World starting in 1954, through my eyes, the eyes of a 14 year old teenager.


2 responses to “Gary Copeland My Rock ‘n’ Roll Teenage Years 1954-1959

  1. I love it!! Also attended “The Haig” way back when…early 50’s, then Northview Heights opened up so instead of walking that far east, i got to walk that far north! Wow, love the old stuff, Willowdale!!!

  2. woops, t’was mid 50’s, attended Chuchill Avenue PS and then theHaig, met Dr Sax in ’58………how time flies……………..Omg i will be 70 this year!

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