Looking Back Series!

When I decided to create the “Looking Back” series, it was early last December. My intention was to extend the series only until 1959, when I left High School.  Well, it took on a life of it’s own and I have just finished 1967. 

I really do appreciate the response that exposing my (strange) life has created.  I was not the worst person in the world but, believe me, Mother Teresa is safe. 

I will have to put a little stop in the series, just for 35 days.  My wife Birgit and I are going to Texas to play a little golf and meet with some old friends.

I have had a couple of inquires regarding how I get the information for  all of the posts.  Well, it is true that I use the internet at times, but as most of you are aware, the internet is far from accurate, so just like the newspapers I have other sources.
Rock On: The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Rock n' Roll - Volume 1, The Solid Gold YearsRock on: The Years of Change 1964-1978Rock On Almanac: The First Four Decades of Rock 'N' Roll : A Chronology
The Billboard Book of Top 40 Hits
Cars of the Fabulous 50's: A Decade of High Style and Good Times (Automotive)Cars Of The Sizzling 60's: A Decade Of Great Rides And Good Vibrations (Automotive)Cars of the Sensational '70s, A Decade of Changing Tastes and New Directions
So that is where some of the information for “Looking Back”  and the other posts come from.  I’m guessing that you are now aware of just   what a large undertaking this has been and I had only one person to motivate and talk to, “Me”; very sad I know – you try talking to me. 

What I would really like from “You” the bloggers, is your opinion.  If you would like me to carry on with the Looking Back series when I return in April, then just leave a simple Comment on the blog, or any type of email would be fine.  I do not mind doing it, but if it has run it’s course, then just tell me.

Now, what will I be doing for a month with my wife Birgit? It’s a secret – no not at all.  Birgit and I rented a house on a “Private Country Club” in Texas.  Yes and for those of you who know me, what the heck am I doing there on a Private Country Club in Texas?  Well, I emailed the Membership Chairman, Cynthia Ragsdale, who was great and she had the GM call me.  Well long story short we are members for the month of March, with full club privileges.  Yes, my wife will be accepted and I will end up parking cars. (Note:  We have been here for a week, the people and weather are just great, my wife absolutely loves Berrycreek Golf and Country Club)
Georgetown house rental - View from back porchGeorgetown house rental - Looking back at the Deck
We will travel North to Dallas for 1 night to see http://www.milliondollarquartetlive.com/tour.html It will be in Toronto in July.
Birgit, also wants to go to San Antonio to experience Riverwalk.  Now remember, Birgit is the Golfer, not me. I’m just along for comic relief.
If you wish me to continue with “Looking Back” when I return
If it has run it’s course that’s fine too
– Gary
PS:  I will leave you in Russ’s capable hands, so by the time I return I expect you all to be accomplished Saxophone Players, or in therapy.  I have left in the queue at least 20 more posts, Russ may use them or create his own, knowing Russ he will use the ones I have prepared.  See you in April.  

4 responses to “Looking Back Series!

  1. Gary:

    Keep it going, I want to see how it turned out that you managed to get such a great lady as Birgit.

    Yes we all know she is the golfer. Have a great time in Texas and see you back at The Highlands in May, when we get back from MB.


  2. Gary, keep ‘er going. It’s a great trip down memory lane that I look forward
    to every time a new post comes out.


  3. Hi Gary,
    I do like reading your blog, it would be great for you to continue, only if you want to that is. I know it’s a lot of work. Hope you and Birgit are having a great trip so far.
    Take care,

  4. Have a wonderful trip! Look forward to you being back here in April – always enjoy your blogs.
    Thanks Gary and my friend Russ.

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