Dick and Dee Dee or DeeDee?

“Gary (from Texas)”  We will take a look at a Pop Duo from California who were very big in the early sixties.  I guess I was into R&B, Soul and Surf Music at that time.  So this Duo, who I remember very well, were not really not on my Radar, but they were on a lot of other peoples radar because they sold a lot of vinyl.  When they first got together their names were Richard Gosting and Mary Sperling.  Their recordings were produced with four voice tracks, Richard the very high and low, then Mary the two middle tracks.  Richard had changed his name to Dick St. John and when the first record was released Mary’s name was changed to Dee Dee…

Dick and Dee Dee with the fabulous Chancellors band - Circa 64-65

 Above Photo is with Lloyd Thaxton on his show.
Dick and Dee Dee


Video:  The Mountain’s High circa 61/62 (rare colour)


Video:  Shindig 1965/ Thou Shalt not Steal/


1.  The Mountain’s High/ Liberty 55350/ August 1961/ #2 (2)
2.  Tell Me/ Liberty 55412/ May 1962/ #22
3.  Young and In Love/ Warner 5342/ April 1963/ #17
4.  Turn Around/ Warner 5396/ December 1963/ #27
5.  Thou Shalt Not Steal/ Warner 5482/ December 1964/ #13
Dick and Dee Dee were American musical entertainers. Dick St. John (born Richard St. John Gosting, 1940 – died December 27, 2003), was the male half of the duo, and Dee Dee Sperling (real name Mary) was the female half. Formed while students in high school in Santa Monica, California, the duo were not romantically linked.They teamed up in the 1950s, but their first major hit was the million-selling rock and roll song “The Mountain’s High” (1961). The song spent two weeks at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100. The track reached #37 in the UK Singles Chart.Their recordings were created with four voice tracks. Each of them sang two separate harmony lines. St. John sang the highest and lowest parts including the falsetto, and Dee Dee sang in the middle notes.The duo recorded three Rolling Stones tracks in 1964 including “Blue Turns to Grey” and “Some Things Just Stick in Your Mind” penned by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. In an interview with the BBC Radio, recorded in 2006, Sperling revealed that their singing was overdubbed onto backing tracks recorded by the Stones, with Mick Jagger’s vocals removed.Their other hits included “Turn Around”, “Tell Me”, “Thou Shalt Not Steal” (their second-biggest hit, reaching #13 in 1965, with a special picture sleeve issued promoting Triumph Motorcycles), and “Young and in Love”.By 1969, both singers had married other people and the duo disbanded.

St. John died in 2003 after falling from the roof of his home. In 2006, Sperling published a book about her experiences as half of Dick and Dee Dee, entitled Vinyl Highway. In 2008, Sperling teamed with actor/singer Michael Dunn singing St. John’s parts, and the two are still performing as “Dick and Dee Dee.”

File:Michael Dee Dee 2011.jpg

Michael Dunn & Dee Dee Phelps 2011

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