The Madison!

Gary: “Just before I started writing tonight I was remembering a little about the era I grew up in; it was not all about the music, WE DANCED.  There where so many dances, singers, groups, steps that it was hard to keep up, but it was a blast and I just loved it. 

Now everyone remembers “The Twist”, but just before that happened, there was a line dance that was fantastic.  It of course came from the Music “Madison Time” and there where two groups that did well with the song.  So here is the dance and the music of…

The Madison
Teenagers Doing A New Dance – The Madison



The Madison as done in the Movie “Hairspray”/
Recorded in 2006 in Slovenia/
Now for the music:  The Original was by Al Brown’s Tunetoppers and then the Ray Bryant Trio got into the act.
1.  The Madison/ Amy 804/ May 1960/ #223 Al Brown’s Tunetoppers
2.  The Madison Time/ Columbia 41628/ May 1960/ #30  Ray Bryant Combo

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