The Busters

Gary: “Well this little post should give your memory a real workout, it did mine. I remember the song, I could not remember the group, but in 1963 this group made it to #25 on Billboard, but it would be their only significant hit. I had all but forgotten about this song, so I know that Russ has never heard of it.

The Busters

1963 Busters

Guitar: Dick La Frenier
Sax: Chuck Bently
Bass: Jack Baker
Piano: Richard Erikson
Drums: Fran Parda

This Group was actually started in 1957 and has a long history: See They changed personnel many times as bands do, but only really had the one Top 40 Hit. This was a record that I enjoyed, but I think it represented the end of the instrumental era, which to me was sad as I still today, love instrumentals.

Bust Out/ Arien 735/ September 1963/ #25


One response to “The Busters

  1. Hi Gary,
    I assume Russ loves instrumentals too, but how could he have missed
    “Bust Out”, on the Canadian Reo label?
    I love instrumentals as well. In fact, my brother Peter and I have been collaborating on our book, “Instrumental Singles 1949-1969 – Vol. 1 – Rock & Roll” for some time now. We had to split the book in two volumes: Rock & Roll and JOP (Jazz, Orchestral and Pop. Combining both genres made the book too big.
    Besides, this way we can get something out to the public sooner, roughly within the next year or so.
    I agree that instrumentals started to fall off the charts around 1963, but there were still many that charted or didn’t chart. Into the 1970s, they really dried up.

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