Rockabilly Part 2 – The Sun Years

The Series (Part 2 The Sun Years)
from 706 Union Avenue, Memphis Tennessee
The Memphis Recording Service or “Sun Records”

I have visited 706 Union Avenue in Memphis and if you are a student of early Rock and Roll or Rockabilly this place is a must.  I never was a huge Sam Phillips fan in later life, but I would openly agree that he had the eye and ear for talent and knew what  the “New” sound was all about; he truly was a pioneer.  For the 50’s teenager, Sam new exactly what we wanted and needed, thank you Sam.

Malcolm Yelvington
1955 / Drinkin’ Wine Spodee-O-Dee /
1957 / Rockin’ with my Baby /

Now we get to one of my absolute favourite “unknown” Sun Artists, I own his CDs.
Sonny Burgess & the Fabulous Pacers
In 2008 they still got it / Red Headed Woman /
1956 / Sonny Burgess / We wanna Boogie / Red Headed Woman /
They are still alive and playing, Sonny is 81. Man, I would love to see them.

The sad part of the Sun Story is that Sam Philips was always strapped for cash, so he only concentrated on his more popular artist’s. He had a stable full of some of the best talent of the 50’s, but most of you will never have never heard of them, sad.
Billy Lee Riley
(October 5, 1933 – August 2, 2009)
2003 / Billy Lee Riley / Red Hot /
Flying Saucer’s Rock and Roll / 1957
Red Hot / Pearly Lee / 1958
Baby Please don’t Go / 1958

I always love this Little Junior Parker song by …
Hayden Thompson
Love My Baby / recorded in 1956, released in 1957
Rockabilly Part 3 to follow…

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