Rockabilly Part 3 – Sun Years continued

The Series (Part 3 The Sun Years continued)
Narvel Felts
Here is a rare “un-issued” My Babe from 1957
Warren Smith
In 1956 / Rock and Roll Ruby and Ubangi Stomp/
Jack Earls
From 1956 / Slow Down / Jack Earls
Ray Smith
This is a perfect example of the talent that Sam had and did not always use.  In 1960 Ray would record “Rockin’ Little Angel” for Judd Records, but he started at Sun.
1956/57 / Shake Around / Break Up / Ray Smith

Barbara Pittman

(April 6, 1938 – October 29, 2005)
Another female, that was oblivious to the world.  In 1956 she recorded
I Need A Man/ Sun 253 / Barbara Pittman 1956
Two Young Fools In Love & I’m Getting Better All The Time / Phillips International (Sam’s other label)
Rockabilly Part 4 to follow…

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