Harry Chapin – Singing Storyteller

Gary: “Storytellers? are they all gone?  Well in the early and Mid-Seventies we met one of the greatest, but unfortunately he would not be with us long.  He was an intellectual / Film maker and musician…
Harry Chapin
 (December 7, 1942 – July 16, 1981) 
Story of a Life /
Cat’s in the Cradle /
Taxi /
Taxi / Elecktra 45770 / April 1972 / #24 BB
Wold / Elecktra 45874 / March 1973 / #36 BB
Cat’s in the Cradle / Elecktra 45203 / November 1974 / #1 BB
Sequel / Boardwalk 5700 / November 1980 / #23 BB

Harry Chapin (December 7, 1942 – July 16, 1981) was an American singer and songwriter.  Chapin’s debut album, Heads and Tales (1972), was a success, as was his big hit,  “Taxi”.  His follow-up album, Sniper and Other Love Songs, was less successful; but his third, Short Stories, was a major success.

Verities & Balderdash, released soon after, was even more successful, bolstered by the chart-topping hit single “Cat’s in the Cradle”. Harry also wrote and performed a Broadway musical, The Night That Made America Famous.

In the mid 1970s, Chapin focused on social activism, including raising money to combat hunger in the United States and co-founding the organization World Hunger Year, before returning to music with On the Road to Kingdom Come. He also released a book of poetry, Looking…Seeing, in 1977.

His fellow Long Islanders loved him for his support of local artists, as well. He and his wife Sandy raised funds for the Performing Arts Foundation, a now-defunct local theatre group. They also supported the Long Island Ballet. The band shell at Huntington’s Hecksher Park is named for Harry Chapin.

Chapin died on July 16, 1981 in an automobile accident on the Long Island Expressway at the age of 38. He was headed west from Huntington Bay, where he lived with his wife and three children, to perform a concert in Eisenhower Park in Nassau County when his car was struck by a truck. An autopsy showed that he had suffered a heart attack, but it could not be determined whether that occurred before or after the collision. Supermarkets General, the owner of the truck, paid $12 million in the ensuing litigation.



2 responses to “Harry Chapin – Singing Storyteller

  1. Great, great stuff.

    Too short a life, too few stories told.

  2. Harry Chapin’s stories set to song have run through my mind and my memory, from the first day I heard them. Cat’s in The Cradle was a wake up call for many busy people, including myself. That song actually caused me to reevaluate and change some things and I’m very grateful that I did.

    People identified with his music. He wrote and sang about the common threads woven through our lives. I was saddened and shocked by his loss at such a young age so many lessons yet to learn from him. Thanks, Harry for your music and thanks, Gary and Russ for posting this.

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