Inez and Charlie Foxx

Gary: “I have covered this song on the blog by different artists, but I forgot that a Brother and Sister Composition in 1963 went to #7.  I covered the songs, but never covered the people who created it.  I guess it was their only BB hit, but at least I remembered

 Charlie & Inez Foxx


There are no videos of Charlie and Inez, but in 1979, Carly Simon and James Taylor did a great job on their 1963 composition /



Charlie Foxx (October 23, 1939 – September 18, 1998) and his sister Inez Foxx (born September 9, 1942) were an African-American rhythm and blues and soul duo from GreensboroNorth Carolina. Inez sang lead vocal, while Charlie sang back-up and played guitar.

Their most successful record was with their novelty composition, “Mockingbird“. Released in 1963, it made the Top 10 on both the rhythm and blues and pop charts.

The song was later covered by artists including Aretha FranklinJames TaylorCarly SimonDusty Springfield and Toby Keith. Other notable recordings were “Hurt by Love,” “Ask Me,” and “(1-2-3-4-5-6-7) Count the Days.”

They were known for their exciting live performances, of which a highlight was Inez’s rendition of “I Stand Accused“, which finished with a supposedly distraught Inez singing the last verse, while being carried offstage by Charlie.

They toured extensively in Europe and their music played a key role in the development of the Northern Soul movement.

Inez also had some success recording on her own, beginning in 1969, but her popularity faded in the 1970s.

Charlie was already working as a record producer when they finally disbanded their act.

Inez Foxx was married to the American songwriter and producer Luther Dixon. Together they wrote, and he produced, The Platters‘ mid-1960s return to hit-making with the single “I Love You 1000 Times“.

Luther Dixon produced Inez and Charlie’s 1967 album Come By Here, but the couple later divorced.

Charlie Foxx died from leukemia in 1998, at the age of 58.



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  1. So nice to read and remember, and so kind of you for doing that.
    Such talent !

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