One Hit Wonders / 1960

One Hit Wonders
A new decade has dawned, the hard edge of Rock and Roll has been suppressed and Pop Music Rules!
Elvis is discharged from the Army and goes to Nashville, he never will regain the Raw Energy of the Sun Days, his first release is “Stuck On You”.  The Great Tony Williams leaves the Platters and is replaced by Sonny Turner.  Dion and the Belmonts disolve and Dion records under the name Dion.  Bobby Darin marries Sandra Dee and Connie Francis is crushed.  Ben E. King leaves the Drifters to go it on his own.  But there is hope; a 30 year old Detroit native, Berry Gordy Jr. writes a song called “Money” and is able to raise enough money to form his own label Tamla.  Now that makes the future look better.
Sandy / January 1960 / Larry Hall / #15 BB
Larry left us in 1997.
His sister wrote the song, unfortunately he used drugs and alcohol and left us at 52 in 1986.
Rockin’ Little Angel / February 1960 / Ray Smith / #22 BB
The recording band included, Chet Atkins, Floyd Cramer, Grady Martin & Bill Justis, it sold over 3 Million copies. Unfortunately Ray ended his own life in 1979.
Money (would become a standard written by Berry Gordy Jr.) / April 1960 / Barrett Strong / #23
Barrett is still singing today!
He left the music business in 1963.
Ooh Poo Pah Doo PT II (I love this song) / May 1960 / Jessie Hill / #28 BB
He was from New Orleans and left us in 1996.
 Another favourite, he died in Mexico in 1997.
Alley Oop (not one of my favourites but it was #1) / July 1960 / Hollywood Argyles / #1
Well Gary Paxton, one half of Skip & Flip was the driving force.
Unfortunately it is obvious, they called themselves the Fender Men, because the both played Fender Guitars.
They were a Los Angeles based group.
He started singing again and resides in Texas.
 Joe left us in 2005.
Stay / November 1960 / Maurice Williams & the Zodiacs (who wrote Little Darlin’) / #1 BB
I love this song, it is the shortest song ever to reach #1.  He is still active today!

4 responses to “One Hit Wonders / 1960

  1. Vintage Spins

    This is such a fun series! I haven’t heard some of these songs for decades and some I’d never heard at all – so thanks. Hope you keep going with it at least until the mid-’60s.

  2. Larry McNichol

    Hey Russ
    Great Stuff … Larry McNichol
    Been meaning to call you and keep forgetting But thanks for these memories and I hope that we can connect
    To The great Sax man of the north. keep the memories comming

  3. Can you tell me who played that great sax solo on Bobby Rydell’s ‘You’ll Never Tame Me’. My love of music goes back to around 1942 when I had a 78 for my 12th. birthday.- Bing’s ‘White Christmas’ it brightened up those dark days of the war.

    • Mike: You gotta be kidding me. Well first off the song You’ll never Tame Me was the B side of Kissing Time. Bobby recorded for Cameo which became Cameo-Parkway. The house band for Cameo was Dave Appell and the Appelljacks, yes of Mexican Hat Rock fame. I have been around musicians for most of my life and it’s like a revolving door as to whom they play for at what time. So to answer the question of who played Sax, I personally do not know, but who knows maybe my SAX playing partner might know but I doubt it. Anyways, Dave Appell played on the recordings of Bobby Rydell, Chubby Checker, The Orlons etc. all having great Sax solos. So if you do find out who the Sax player was, I would love to know.

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