One Hit Wonders / 1962

One Hit Wonders
  • The Twist is the first and only record to become number 1 again
  • Stuart Sutcliffe an original Beatle dies of a Brain Haemorrhage at the age of 22. 
  • Female voices top the Charts, with as many as 13 single singers and 5 female groups. 
  • Peter Paul and Mary boost Folk Music and lay the ground work for a new type of music “The Protest Song”. 
  • In California a group called “The Beach Boys” is making it big with the new “Surfin’ Sound”. 
  • Original drummer Pete Best is asked to leave the group and is replaced by Ringo Starr and they record their first Original Song “Love Me Do”. 
  • School friend Keith Richards and Mick Jagger begin sitting in with a band called Korner’s Blues Incorporated and their drummer is a guy named Charlie Watts. The three meet Brian Jones and bill Wyman and the Stone’s are born. 
  • Finally “Soul” music gets some attention through, Sam Cooke, Solomon Burke, Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin and Carla Thomas.
 Barbara left us in 2006.
Bruce is still with us and wrote Hey Baby with Margaret Cobb.  The Harmonica Player is Delbert McClinton.
For more about the Sensations, see this post:
Ketty is still with us and gave up singing in the late sixties to concentrate on Movies and was very successful.
Stranger on the Shore / May 1962 / Mr. Acker Bilk / #1 BB
Acker is an English Clarinettist and is still active.
He was friends with Dion, sang with the Regents, Barbara Ann, wrote No-One Knows, Runaround Sue, The Wanderer, Lovers who wonder & Donna, Prima Donna, then became and executive at Laurie Records.
This song, written by Grady Martin, was a deft blend of R&B, Pop and Country that stayed on the R&B charts for 16 weeks. Joe was a Gospel singer wh0 left us way to soon, passing away prematurely in 1964 at only 27, from a heart attack.
From Buffalo New York she is still with us.
Alley Cat (my dad loved the song, Gary) / September 1962 / Bent Fabric / #7 BB
A Danish Pianist who is still playing today.
Party Lights / September 1962 / Claudine Clark / #5 BB
From Macon Georgia, she wrote Party Lights. For more about Claudine, see this post:
For more about The Contours and how they were part of the Motown movement, see this post:
From Philadelphia, they faded fast and then toured in Europe, twice.
One of the truly great Hard Bop soul jazz organists.  Jimmy left us in 2008.
Let’s Go (Pony) / December 1962 / The Routers / #19 BB
They really were just part of the Studio Musicians in Los Angles called the “Wrecking Crew”

7 responses to “One Hit Wonders / 1962

  1. Thanks for another awesome blog entry! I’m thankful you turned me on to the Sensations and Yvonne Baker (just listened to “You Didn’t Say a Word” on YouTube, and I love it!). However, only one part of the entry about Joe Henderson seems to be a mistake, regarding specifically the photograph, which seems to be of the Jazz saxophone player, who passed away in 2001. I knew this right away because I have the Horace Silver album “Songs of My Father”, featuring Henderson on sax, from 1964; in addition to “Idle Moments” by Grant Green, from 1963. Just wanted to let you know about that! Regardless, your sharing of great music is always appreciated here, rest assured!

    • Hey, you are absolutely right, Matthew! That photo is Joe Henderson, the sax player. As a jazz lover, I should have noticed this when editing. It has been corrected. Thank you!

  2. I apologize again, (this time I have to correct myself), but the Horace Silver album is titled: “Song For My Father”. Cheers!

    • I love Horace Silver. I bought one of his early Blue Note LPs called Finger Poppin’. He does a tune on there called Juicy Lucy… very cool.

      • Nice! I will make sure to check that out! Glad you’re doing this, once again. I’m inspired by folks like you to make a music blog myself, hopefully one of these days.

  3. A lot of great ‘one hit wonders’ released this year, Russ and Gary! I hadn’t heard the Joe Henderson before and it’s always nice to be introduced to a new tune. Thanks again!

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