One Hit Wonders / 1963

One Hit Wonders
  • The Whiskey-a-go-go opens in Los Angles. 
  • Car songs are huge, Shut Down, Little Deuce Coupe, Hey little Cobra and Drag City. 
  • The British launch a show similar to American Bandstand called Ready, Steady, Go! 
  • Bobby Darin becomes the first Rock and Roll Star to be nominated for an Academy Award, Best Supporting Actor in “Captain Newman M.D.”. 
  • Beatlemania sweeps England and “I want to hold your hand” will be released at the end of the year in the US and will ultimately be huge in 1964.
Wiggle Wobble / January 1963 / Les Cooper and the Soul Rockers / #22 BB
Les was from Norfolk Va.
Tell Him / January 1963 / The Exciters / #4 BB
Produced by Leiber and Stoller.
Remember Then / January 1963 / The Earls / #24 BB
They were from New York City, they had other records that charted, but according to the Books, Larry Chance & the guys were One Hit.
Rhythm of the Rain / March 1963 / The Cascades / #3 BB
  This song was huge and was written by one of the group members.  It is one of my favourites.
From Gary:
This group I know a little bit about, because they came from Buffalo, which is 90 miles from my hometown, Toronto.  They changed the name to “Rockin’ Rebels” so as to stay away from any infringement with Duane Eddy and the Rebels.  Wild Weekend eventually became the theme song for Tommy Shannon on WKBW Radio in Buffalo NY, I was a fan along with listening to CHUM Radio in Toronto.
Mr. Bass Man / April 1963 / Johnny Cymbal / #16 BB
He moved from Scotland to Goderich Ontario and then to Cleveland.  He also used the name “Derek” for the song “Cinnamon”.
They were a California Surf group that is known for two songs, Wipe Out and Surfer Joe.  My daughters still like this song and my “Granddaughter”.
Another Bronx singer that left us in 2004.
Mockingbird / September 1963 / Inez & Charlie Foxx / #7 BB
Brother and Sister from North Carolina, based the song on “Hush Little Baby”.  Charlie left us in 1998.
Sally Go Round the Roses / September 1963 / The Jaynetts / #2 BB
A group from the Bronx NY.
Dominique / December 1963 / The Singing Num / #1 BB
  Microsoft Word - _Student Outline #10_ - School of Rock-John Len
Jeanine Deckers a Belgiun Nun who left us in 1985.  It was not my type of song, but it was huge.
I wonder what she’s doing Tonight / December 1963 / Barry & the Tamarlanes / #21 BB  

6 responses to “One Hit Wonders / 1963

  1. These songs are bringing back a lot of memories, but they’re also a reminder (if anyone’s forgotten) of the sheer variety of ’60s radio. Thanks for another great selection!

  2. Buffalo DJ Tommy Shannon (WKBW-RADIO) and producer Phil Todaro had formed the ”Shan-Todd label”. Tommy wanted a theme song for his radio show and with Phil Todaro wrote” Wild Weekend ”. A high school band The Rebels who took their name from Duane Eddy’s backing group, asked if they could record an instrumental version of the song. After hearing The Rebels version, Tommy rushed them into the studio to cut a record. The record was a big regional hit and the band was asked to appear on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand. Dick Clark urged the band to change their name because it was the same name as Duane Eddy’s nationally known band. The group’s name was changed to the “Buffalo Rebels”.

    • Lloyd: This is Gary, the writer. I do not usually do this, but your comments are valid and this is just a link from an upcoming post which explains the DJ’s I grew up with and that I am a huge Tommy Shannon Fan. This will not be posted for another couple of months and is just a very small portion of the post.
      Enjoy Gary
      [audio src="" /]

  3. I always loved the simple stepwise melody of “Rhythm of the Rain.” There’s real artistry in the construction of this song. One of my favorite simple pop tunes. I get a kick out of hearing the Singing Nun again. She was quite the renegade, it turns out, and became a Church critic. (She eventually became known as the Singing Gay Nun.) She even defended Lennon’s remarks about The Beatles being more popular than Jesus! Speaking of which, we forget how much The Beatles transformed the hit parade. What a contrast between 1963 and 1965.

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