One Hit Wonders / 1964

One Hit Wonders
  • This would be the year of the British Invasion and the Beatles.  Capitol Records releases the first Beatles Album, “Meet the Beatles”.  On Friday Feb 7th. 25,000 screaming fans greet the Fab Four at Kennedy Airport.  On Feb 9th. they make their first appearance on the “Ed Sullivan Show”. 
  • On Wednesday Sept/16, the greatest live TV Music Show, “Shindig” makes it’s debut. 
  • On June 1st. the Rolling Stones arrive at Kennedy Airport. 
  • On Sept 4th. the Animals debut in Brooklyn’s Paramount Theatre and “House of the Rising Sun” goes to #1. 
  • In March, Dick Clark moves American Bandstand from Philadelphia to California. 
  • In their first year on the National Charts, The Beatles score 6 #1 hits and 15 singles listed.  This record is not likely to be broken.


From Detroit Michigan.
The Girl from Ipanema / July 1964 / Astrud Gilberto / #5 BB
She is a Brazilian Samba & Boss Nova Singer who teamed up with the Great Stan Getz.
We’ll Sing in the Sunshine / October 1964 / Gale Garnett / #4 BB
 Born in New Zealand, but lived in Canada.
Little Honda / October 1964 / The Hondells / #9 BB 
Written by Mike Love and Brian Wilson, the Hondells were basically “The Wrecking Crew” again.
Last Kiss / November 1964 / J. Frank Wilson & the Cavaliers / #2 BB

  A Texas based group and Wilson left us in 1991.

Have I the Right / November 1964 / The Honeycombs / #5 BB 
A North London group that disbanded in 1967.

3 responses to “One Hit Wonders / 1964

  1. I believe that Gale Garnet was in the Toronto production of Hair. I saw it about 1970.

  2. Wow, so many gems! I especially love “High Heel Sneakers” by Tommy Tucker. I always wondered who performened “California Sun”, by the way, and now I know! Thanks again, and best wishes to you this Memorial Day from Tucson!

  3. Great selection. Each tune is memorable. I forgot what a morbid song “Last Kiss” was! I loved Astrud Gilberto — and every bossa nova tune I heard on the radio in those days. As a drummer then I remember being fascinated by the rhythm of “Romeo & Juliet” (tho it wasn’t really that tricky). “We’ll Sing in the Sunshine” was a classic. I964 was an interesting transitional year.

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