One Hit Wonders / 1965

One Hit Wonders

  • January 20th the man who popularized the term “Rock and Roll”, disc jockey Alan Freed dies in California at the age of 42 a beaten and broken man. 
  • NBC tries to emulate the great Show “Shindig” and produces “Hullabaloo” – not even close. 
  • The Yardbirds with the who’s  who of British Rock / Eric Clapton / Jeff Beck / Jimmy Page / Robert Plant / John Paul Jones and John Bonham are all members at one time or another. 
  • The Byrds electrify folk music with Bob Dylan’s “Mr. Tambourine Man”. 
  • Barry McGuire’s (of the New Christy Minstels)  record starts a new social movement with “Eve of Destruction”. 
  • The Jefferson Airplane becomes a group in San Francisco, which later would include Grace Slick,
  • The Beatles record “Rubber Soul” a shift away from commercial rock. 
  • Columbia releases a new album by an unknown duo, Simon and Garfunkel. 
  • Bob Dylan records the first single to be over 5 minutes in length, “Like a Rolling Stone”. 
  • Filmmakers Kit Lambert and Chris Stamp (brother of Terrence Stamp) begin pushing a new group they are managing called “The Who”.
The Boy from New York City/ February 1965 / The Ad Libs /  #8 BB
It’s Alright / February 1965 / Adam Faith with the Roulettes / #31 BB
The Birds and the Bees / March 1965 / Jewel Akens /  # 3 BB
From Huston Texas.
A great artist, Little Milton left us in 2005.
From California via Arkansas.
You Turn Me On / July 1965 / Ian Whitcomb and Bluesville / #8 BB
Eve of Destruction / September 1965 / Barry McGuire / #1 BB
The first Protest Song!
Keep On Dancing / October 1965 / The Gentrys / #4 BB
You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away / November 1965 / The Silkie / #10 BB
British Group.

2 responses to “One Hit Wonders / 1965

  1. I love your posts because these songs and the background info about them bring back so many memories.
    One suggestion is that the caption beneath Barry McGuire’s song should read, “The first protest song to reach #1 BB.”

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