One Hit Wonders / 1968

One Hit Wonders
  • Bob Dylan makes his first public appearance in several years, at Carnegie Hall in a benefit for Woodie Guthrie who died in 1967. 
  • “Hair” opens on Broadway. 
  • The Yardbirds disband and Jimmy Page is left with the ownership of the groups obligations.  Page recruits Robert Plant, John Bonham and at the suggestion of Keith Moon of the Who, they change the groups name to Led Zepplin. 
  • Deep Purple as a group is created. 
  • The Beatles Apple Records first release is “Hey Jude” which becomes the years biggest hit. 
  • Rock entrepreneur Don Kirshner creates the Archie’s and uses Ron Dante and Andy Kim and gets into the Bubblegum Music.  The sound also creates groups like the 1910 Fruitgum Company, Ohio Express and they swamp the charts. 
  • One of the biggest TV events of the decade is the Elvis Christmas Special.  Singer Sewing Machine company sponsors a one-hour long show that puts Elvis back on TV after an 8 year Hiatus.  The agreement was to end the show with Silent Night, but Elvis decides to do “If I Can Dream”, which becomes a major hit and the special is considered one of the best TV shows ever created.
Judy in Disguise / January 1968 / John Fred and his Playboy Band / #1 BB
From Baton Rouge Louisiana, he left us in 2005.
Green Tambourine / February 1968 / The Lemon Pipers / #1 BB
They were a band from Ohio.
Nobody but Me / February 1968 / The Human Beinz / #8 BB
From Youngstown Ohio.
This one is difficult for me because I became friends with Gene Thomas and we lost him in August 2012.  I will miss Gene
From Seattle with a Grammy Nomination.
Harper Valley P.T.A / September 1968 / Jeannie C Riley / #1 BB
She was a country singer from Texas.
 A San Francisco based band featuring the Immortal Janis Joplin.
I absolutely hated this song, but this is for one of our faithful email followers, Dave Scott, I give you
Little Arrows / December 1968 / Leapy Lee / #16 BB
He was from England.

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