One Hit Wonders / 1969

One Hit Wonders

  • In January Elvis returns to Memphis to record.  He records “In the Ghetto” “Suspicious Minds”  “Rubbernecking” “Daddy don’t Cry” to name a few. 
  • Paul McCartney marries Linda Eastman and John Lennon marries Yoko Ono. 
  • The frightened little network CBS pulls the plug on the Smothers Brothers, because of their Viet Nam War Stance. 
  • Brian Jones leaves the Stones and is dead 4 months later, by drowning. 
  • Sun Records is sold by Sam Phillips to Shelby Singleton. 
  • The Who creates the first Rock Opera “Tommy”. 
  • Woodstock attracts 500,000 people.  Altamont, while acting as security guards for the Rolling Stones, Hell’s Angels stab and kill a spectator and even the Stones were frightened of them. 
  • The Beatles give their final performance on the roof of Apple Records for the film “Let it Be”, the song was “Get Back”.
He was Johnny Cymbal (Mr. Bass Man) and left us from a heart attack in his sleep in 1993 at 48.
The Worst that Could Happen / February 69 / Brooklyn Bridge / #3 BB
  This was of course the late Johnny Maestro who was also the lead singer of the Crests.
Crazy Elephant was a studio concoction, created by Jerry Kasenetz and Jeff Katz of Super K Productions
A Phil Spector Production featuring Sonny Charles.
A group from Cleveland Ohio
Good Old Rock and Roll / August 1969 / Cat Mother and the All Night Newsboys / #21 BB
A group started in New York by Roy Michaels and Bob Smith both are deceased.
From Louisiana, he wrote this song and Rainy Night in Georgia.
Get Together / September 69 / The Youngblood’s / #5 BB
I have seen this group, in person, small club and spent time with Jesse Colin Young.  One-Hit, I do not agree
Smith  This was an L.A. based blues band.
Steam  They were a studio band out of New York City.

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