Summer Songs!

Gary: “I got an email from one of our most active and favourite bloggers from the State of Washington, Marilyn.  She suggested that I do something on Summer Songs.  I thought it might be a little late, but I gave it some more thought and it is a good idea, so here goes.
These would be the favourite songs of me, Gary, but contributions from wife Birgit, Marilyn,Brad and Russ.  Now these will be in no particular order and I’m sure I will miss some.
Gary & Friends
Songs of Summer
The Jamies had “Summertime Summertime” #26 in 1958 and the re-release in 1962 and it would make it too #38
This one by the Danleers, One Summer Night, in 1958 made it to # 7 /
Here are the Danleers in a rare video
A Movie from 1959 would be the Inspiration for “Theme From a Summer Place“.  It was recorded by Percy Faith and it would spend a record 9 consecutive weeks at #1 in early 1960 /
A rare video
In September of 1958, one of my favourite artists would record a summer song for the teenagers.  This was an out and out Rock and Roll song and peaked at #8, by the great Eddie Cochran / Summertime Blues
Here he in the TV show, Town Hall Party 1958 /
Another great Rock and Roll summer song from 1966, written by John Sebastian and recorded by the Lovin’ Spoonful / Summer In The City.
It was from their “Hums of the Lovin’ Spoonful” album, which I play today /
1964 would bring a great summer song by the Drifters called Under the Boardwalk
Notes: The song was set to be recorded on May 21, 1964, but the band’s lead singer, Rudy Lewis, died of a suspected overdose the night before. They searched and brought back Johnny Moore to sing lead, Ben E King was gone so there was no alternative.  The last minute release made it to #4 on BB and #1  for 3 weeks on Cash Box R&B /
OK, let’s just get it over with… Summertime… and California and the Beach Boys all seem to go together. 
Surfin’ U S A
These are my choices for their summertime songs:
1962 / Surfin Safari /
1964 Tami Show Surfin’ USA (copy of Chuck Berry’s Sweet Little Sixteen)
1964 California Girls / Jack Benny Show 1965
From across the Atlantic Chad Stuart and Clive Metcalfe “Chad & Jeremy” would reach #7 in 1964 with / A Summer Song /
American Bandstand /
In 1960 a Novelty Song by Brian Hyland would go to #1 /Polka Dot Bikini
Dick Clark Beechnut Show 1960
A Song written by Brian Wilson and Jan Berry would be recorded by Jan and Dean in 1963 and reach #1 Surf City /
Here is a unique video from the Steve Allen Show (he hated their Rock and Roll but needed them for ratings – what a hypocrite)
In 1966 Billy Stewart would record a fantastic version of George Gershwin’s Summertime which would reach # 10 on BB /
A rare video
A British Rock Group would have a #1 hit in 1970 with In the Summertime / Mungo Jerry /
SummertimeSealsCroftsA very talented duo Jim Seals and Dash Crofts would record a #6 song in 1972 “Summer Breeze” /
The Midnight Special:
I’m getting tired so I will end with two of my favourites songs and groups from 1969 / Sly and the Family Stone / it was #2 for 2 weeks /Hot Fun In The Summertime
Lastly, a song that everybody still plays today, and my daughter of 39 loves it.  It is an instrumental written by the members of the Surfaris and in 1963 in reached #5 on BB / Wipe Out
I play this all of the time and there is a great version by the Ventures /  this is a recent version but Bob Berryhill is still on lead
  These are the Ventures in Japan in 1966 I think, but great –  I love this song.
OK, I lied, one more song comes to mind, it was a song released on an EP in 1983 by Mark Knofler and Dire Staits.  It is not that well known, but it did reach #1 in NZ, #2 in Aus, #18 in Canada, and #12 US Rock songs, so I guess not that unknown –  Twisting By The Pool.
Finding a video was difficult, because it is a fairly obscure recording, but look at this one with “Buster Keaton”  and look closely and you will see Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy and even the Marx Brothers funny and a great recording /
I was just about to sign off to Russ but one more song jumped into that empty head of mine. This one went to #21 in 1958 by my favourite Collegiate Group…SummertimeFourPreps
The Four Preps / Lazy Summer Night
This song was in the movie Andy Hardy comes Home.
Have a great Summer!
~ Gary and Russ

4 responses to “Summer Songs!

  1. I liked “Sealed with a Kiss” Brian Hyland.
    “Summer (The First Time)” Bobby Goldsboro
    “Here Comes Summer” Jerry Keller

  2. Wonderful selection, enjoyed all of them. Still love to warble along with “Under the boardwalk” and give the old v/cords a workout.

  3. A great collection of summer songs. Jerry Kellers ‘Here Comes Summer would have been a good addition, but you deserve an A for this grouping. Had never seen a clip of the Danleers before. I’m a picture sleeve collector and had never seen a picture sleeve of the Jamies. Thanks for posting!!

  4. Thanks for posting this blog entry! From the comments, it seems many of us have our own list of favorite summer songs.

    I hadn’t thought of Twisting by the Pool. “It has a great beat and is easy to dance to,” as the kids on American Bandstand used to say. At least it would have been easy to dance to at one time in my life, not so sure now, but am sure that it has a great beat and fun lyrics and gets you moving. I’m adding it to my playlist. It’s the kind of song that if you’re playing it in your car, the guy next to you at the stoplight wonders what’s wrong with you.

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