Summer Songs Pt 2

Gary: “When Marilyn, from Washington State, mentioned Summer Songs, it only took me about an hour to see that it was a great idea.  Well, it has been well received and I know I missed a lot of them, so here is part 2 of Summer Songs.  No, there will not be a part 3.
Summer Songs Part 2
in no particular order.
This summer song comes from one of my favourite Broadway type shows and was a very successful movie, GreaseOlivia Newton John and John Travolta with Summer Nights/  
We will turn to Motown / Martha Reeves and the Vandellas in 1963 / Your love is like a “Heat Wave” /

The next song comes from a family in 1967 they were all brothers and just went by the family name “The Cowsills” .  In 1967 they would have a # 10 hit about Summer called Indian Lake /
Next a song that was written by Chuck Barris who was the host of the “Gong Show” in the 70’s.  It was about New Jersey’s Palisades Amusement Park and was a # 3 song for Freddy Cannon in 1962, Palisades Park
In 1967 Johnny Rivers would record a #14 song, Summer Rain /
This next song would come from 1974, a group of British Studio musicians.  John Carter the producer/writer and Tony Burrows would have a # 4 song about the California beaches.  The First Class / Beach Baby /
This next summer song will come off a 1963 Album by the great Nat King Cole / Lazy Hazy Days of Summer
I have never been a huge fan, but the next song is from the “Chairman of the Board”, Frank Sinatra and Summer Wind /
Well in 1966 Frank’s daughter Nancy Sinatra, teamed up with here record producer Lee Hazelwood (worked with Duane Eddy) to produce a #49 song Summer Wine /
In 1961 Gary “US” Bonds had a #5 hit about summer called School is out / in 1989
In 1968 the Beach Boys were back at # 10 in Canada with a song I really liked, called “Do it Again” /
In 1962, Connie Francis had a # 9 hit with V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N
could not find a video of vacation so here she is in 58 /
This next song was a hit twice –  in 1961 by Joe Jones…

and in 1964 by the Rivieras…
It reached # 5 –  California Sun
This is the best video I could find  /  From the Movie “Back to the Beach
here is Frankie Avalon, Dick Dale, Annette, Connie Stevens and everybody else /

One response to “Summer Songs Pt 2

  1. marillyn stuart

    Well, Gary, once you got warmed up to the idea, you took the bit and ran with it and did a great job.  I think this will be a very popular post and one that will be revisited.  The Johnny Rivers video is one of my favorites.  I hadn’t seen the Frankie, Annette, Connie and Company one but thought it was really a good one.  I spent all morning reading, watching, and listening to this post and haven’t done a thing about getting a path cleared for my new refrigerator delivery.  Foiled again by my rock and roll addiction.  I guess I could have worse ones though. I was a big Johnny Rivers fan and still am.  I clearly recall my unbridled envy that my sister and her husband got in to see him at the Whisky A Go-Go, at the height of his popularity, when they were in California and I was not.  There’s just no justice, is there?  Sheezz!

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