First Class

Gary: “I am a great advocate of “Studio Musicians”, they are some of the best, but have chosen not to travel or be world famous in a Rock Group. 

I have done 3 separate projects on Studio Musicians that daily receive many hits / 

The Routers 

Well every now and then they get out of the Studio and record on their own, like B Bumble & the Stingers, the Routers and in 1974 some of the best British Studio Musicians decided to take us back to the early 60’s in California and create a Beach Boys type song, but in 1974.  They named the group “First Class” and the song is one of my favourites “Beach Baby”.

  • Chas Mills
  • Clive Barrett
  • Del John
  • Eddie Richards
  • John Carter
  • Robin Shaw
  • Spencer James
  • Tony Burrows
The 1974 song that went to # 4 on BB all Studio Musicians /
Good Vibrations/ Rare Studio look /
The Song:
Beach Baby / UK / Aug/74 / # 4 BB

Best remembered for the smash hit “Beach Baby,” 1970s pop group First Class was the studio creation of British singer/songwriter John Carter, who had previously enjoyed success with Ken Lewis under the guises of the Flowerpot MenCarter-Lewis & the Southerners, and the Ivy League.

For “Beach Baby” — a slice of richly harmonic pop in the mold of classic Beach Boys — Carter enlisted the services of singer Tony Burrows, the voice of other pre-fab hitmakers including the Edison Lighthouse (“Love Grows [Where My Rosemary Goes]“), White Plains (“My Baby Loves Lovin’“), the Brotherhood of Man(“United We Stand“), and the Pipkins (“Gimme Dat Ding“); upon its release in 1974, the single reached the Top Five on the U.S. pop charts and also scored in the U.K.

A self-titled album and follow-up singles including “Dreams Are Ten a Penny” and “Funny How Love Can Be” tanked, however, and after releasing a second LP, The First Class SSTCarter dissolved the project in 1976.



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  1. Chryssi Stout-Yonkins

    Lovin’ some Del John…Is there an email or postal address for him??

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