A-Z Billboard Singles – Letter G

Russ does not like the idea that I start all of the A-Z Billboard hits the same, so I will change this one, I sure don’t want Russ off his “Meds”.

I will talk about all of the songs and artists that only made the Billboard Top 40 “once”.

The authority will be Joel Whitburn’s Top 40 Hits 1955 to 2000, 7th Edition. 624660-MSo nothing will change except the letter. Just like Sesame street today’s post will be brought to you by the letter  G


Gardiner/Don and Dee Dee Ford / Philadelphia,PA


# 20 BB / July/62 / I need your Loving


Garnett/ Gale / Auckland, N.Z. / #4 BB / Sept/64


We’ll Sing in the Sunshine


Gene and Debbe / Gene Thomas and Debbie Neville.

azG-Gene__DebbieI knew Gene through emails and we lost him in 2012 / One hit I guess but in 1961 he sang my favourite, so I will enclose both. Gene lived in Fredericksburg,TX and I believe he at one time was married to Gene. Here’s a previous post we wrote about him: https://strathdee.wordpress.com/2010/07/11/forgotten-singers-and-songwriters-gene-thomas

A very nice man and great musician /

# 17 BB / March/68 / Playboy

… and my all-time favourite just by Gene


Gentrys/The / Memphis / one member Jimmy Hart became a wrestling promoter know as the “Mouth from the South


# 4 BB / Sept/65/ Keep on Dancing


George/Barbara / New Orleans


# 3 BB / Jan/62 / I know (you don’t love me no more)


Gilder/Nick / Vancouver, B.C.


# 1 BB / Aug/78/ Hot Child in the City


Gino & Gina / Brother and Sister from Brooklyn NY

# 20 BB / June/58 / (It’s been a long time) Pretty Baby


Glencoves/The / During the rise of Folk Music in the early 60’s and the TV Show of the same name / Long Island


# 38 / July/63 / Hootenanny


Gone All Stars / Studio Group assembled by George Goldner

# 30 BB / Mar/58 / “7 – 11


Grammer/Billy / Benton Illinois


# 4 BB / Dec/58 / Gotta Travel On


Granahan/Gerry / Pittston,PA / stared the Fireflies and Dickey Do and the Don’ts


# 23 BB / June/58/ No Chemise Please


Grant/Earl / Oklahoma / died in 1970 car crash at 39


# 7 BB / Sept/58 / The End


Greenbaum/Norman / Malden Mass


# 3 BB / Mar/70/ Spirit in the Sky


Gregg/Bobby and his friends / Philadelphia Session Drummer (famous)


# 29 /BB / Apr/62 / The Jam Pt 1


Guthrie/Arlo / New York Folk Singer and of course the son of the great Woody Guthrie


# 18 BB / Sept/72 / The City of New Orleans


6 responses to “A-Z Billboard Singles – Letter G

  1. Spirit in the sky & City of New Orleans are both classics that I remember very well and have both on LPs and converted to mp3 and still play 🙂

  2. Great work guys . . . . I was seduced by that Don Gardner & Dee Dee Ford number from when I first heard it and it was a joy to heard it again. Barbara George and the rest! Keep ’em coming!

  3. My favorite song by Gene Thomas is “Baby’s Gone”.
    It was written by Roy Orbison & Bobby Goldsboro.It never got played,that’s why I like it.

  4. City of New Orleans, a true classic.

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