A-Z Billboard Singles – Letters X/Y/Z

By Gary:

Well X-Y-Z is the last of the alphabet, so I hope you have enjoyed my series.

Here we go; same book:
… covering all of the artists and songs that only made the Billboard Top 40 ONE TIME,  and tonight working on the letters
Yarbrough/Glenn (from the Limeliter’s / California / The Movie of the Same Name/
#12 BB / Apr/65 / Baby the Rain must Fall /

Yellow Balloon/The/ with actor Don Grady from my Three Sons / Oregon/

# 25 BB / Apr/67 / Yellow Balloon /


Young/Cathy and the Innocents / California /

# 3 BB / Oct/60 / A Thousand Stars /


and live


Youngbloods/The / Jesse Colin Young (I had a drink with him one night in Toronto) I loved this group / Boston /

# 5 BB / Aug/69 / Get Together / live




Zacherle/John (The Cool Ghoul) / Philadelphia /

# 6 BB / Mar/58 / Dinner with Drac Part 1 /


Zager & Evans / Nebraska /

#1 (6) BB / June/69 / In the Year 2525 (not my favourite) /




One response to “A-Z Billboard Singles – Letters X/Y/Z

  1. I have enjoyed it greatly Gary. Thanks for the effort 🙂

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