Mojo Blues Band

By Gary:

I am still enjoying the hospitality of our friends in South Carolina.  My resources here are very limited, but if I do not write something for the Blog then nothing gets written. 

My sporadic attempts to learn the guitar are challenging. Especially at 74 they are, to say the least, frustrating. I have been introduced the basis of Rock and Roll and the Blues, the 12 bar blues progression.  Now I play it in A, but it has variations. 

The reason I mention this is that tonight I will look at an excellent Blues Band from Austria, yes I said Austria.  They have never had a Billboard top 40 song but have played with some of the Great Blues Men of our era: Champion Jack Dupree, Jimmy McCracklin, Nappy Brown, Big Jay McNeely and the list goes on. 

The Band is not new and started 37 years ago in clubs in Vienna.  I know they have recorded in North Carolina, because I purchased the CD.  Again, I am indulging myself because of my resourse limitation, but if I do not do it no one will. 

So, if you enjoy blues I hope you enjoy –



image003 Mojo Blues Band


1987 / Rosa Lee /
2011 /
2105 / One Day /



Boogie Woogie Country Girl (Big Joe Turner song) /


1990 / Vienna / Banana Peel Slide /


Wee Baby Blues /


2010 Blues & Boogie Woogie Festival All Star Jam Session mit Mojo Blues Band u.v.a. /


Sick and Tired 2011(Fats Domino Song) /


Steppin´on my tears 2007 /


Mojo Blues Band 2011 very small setting /



(remember, no top 40 hits;they are a blues band and a good one)


Shim Sham Shimmy (with Champion Jack Dupree and Axel Zwingenberger)


Rockin’ Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu (with Dana Gillespie)


Promised Land (live) a Chuck Berry Song


Alligator Walk


Hound Dog (the way it was meant to be done)


Harmonica Boogie


Riding the Boogie Train with Axel Zwingenberger


Cajun Dreams



The Mojo Blues Band is a blues band from Austria which was formed in 1977 by guitarist Eric Trauner and pianist Joachim Palden. The name of the band is derivated from “mojo”, a talisman in the voodoo cult.

Band history

The founders of the band played before 1977 in clubs of Vienna. In 1977 Palden won a boogie woogie contest. The first prize was a record contract. They decided to form a band, which they named “Mojo Blues Band”. The line up was:

  • guitar, vocals Erik Trauner
  • piano Joachim Palden
  • bass Matthias Mitsch
  • drums Bobby Sperling

Being the only blues band in Vienna they were often booked as backing band for blues artists who were touring in Austria. They played for example with Johnny Shines, J. B. Hutto, Charlie Musselwhite, Louisiana Red,Sunnyland Slim

, Champion Jack Dupree, Homesick James, Honeyboy Edwards, Leon Thomas, Katie Webster, Hal Singer, Jan Harrington and Eddie Clearwater. They also played together with Axel Zwingenberger. This is documented on CDs.

In 1980 they teamed with Dana Gillespie and changed their style more to Rhythm ´n Blues. At the early 1990s their song Alligator Walk became a hit in the US Shag 8 a special dance) scene. Following this they toured North- and South Carolina. 1989 they visited Chicago and came back with 16 hours material they have recorded with musicians from Chicago. The CD “The Wild Taste of Chicago” was made out of this tapes. 1993 Christian Dozzler left the band to form his own group. So Eric Trauner had to learn playing the harp.

2001 the band played her last concert consisting of:

  • Erik Trauner, (voc, guit, slideguit, harp)
  • Daniel Gugolz (bass),
  • Markus Toyfl (guit)
  • Peter Müller (drums)
  • Thomas Horneck (piano)

Peter Müller founded the label Styx Records. But soon Trauner formed the band again. Members are:

List of blues musicians they have played with


2 responses to “Mojo Blues Band

  1. What a delight on an early morning to hear this band, “they got the sound”.
    Never heard of them until now, thanks

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