Two songs: Hang On Sloopy & Let’s Dance

By Gary:
Christmas 2014 has come and gone and I hope all of our blog followers had a good one.  I was listening to a song tonight, “Peanut Butter” recorded in 1961 by the Marathons.  Then I remembered that they had 3 hits in the top 40 under 3 different names 

I also noticed that I missed one as the Vibrations had another hit in 1964 “ My Girl Sloopy” which also had 3 groups, that all made the song a hit.  I will look at two Songs, “My Girl Sloopy” (or Hang on Sloopy) and a song written by Chris Montez called  “Let’s Dance”.


My Girl Sloopy & You really got a Hold one Me / #1 in Canada 1965 / Little Caesar & The Consuls (different version) In more recent years, my partner, Russ actually played with this group.



Hang on Sloopy / # 1 Oct/65  for Rick Derringer and “The McCoys” /

Let’s Dance / 1962 Chris Montez # 4 /
and we danced /

Ola and the Janglers / 1969 Stockholm Sweden / Let’s Dance # 92 /

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