The Inmates

By Gary:
Thirty six years ago, 1979, I purchased a Vinyl LP recorded by a British pub rock band from North London.  This group, as far as record sales go would achieve a moderate amount of success and would never be huge.  Now as for me, I really enjoy this blues based flat out Rock and Roll band.  The Vinyl LP was called First Offense, I enjoyed most of the songs on that LP and still play them today.  This is just a straight forward no nonsense Rock and Roll band, which plays fantastic 12 Bar blues and takes no prisoners.  So if you do not like Rock and Roll the way it originated, you will not enjoy this group, but I really do.


1979 / The Walk (great video) /
1979 / Concert in Germany /
1980 / Dirty Water /
1980 / Some Kind of Wonderful (Capitol Theatre) /
1990 / Caroline /


1980 / The Walk (Jimmy McCracklin’s 1957 hit) /
1980 / Dirty Water (The Standells 1963 hit) /
1980 / Some Kind of Wonderful (live and Gary’s Favourite)

From the 1979 First Offense Album

Jeanie Jeanie Jeanie (Eddie Cochran 1958)
Three Time Loser (written by Don Covay/Wilson Pickett 1966)
Love Got Me (Arthur Conley 1967)
Back in History / just a cute song
Feelin’ Good (Junior Parker and his Blue Flames Sun #187 1953)

The Inmates are a British pub rock band, which formed after the split up of The Flying Tigers in 1977.

In the early 1980s, they had a medium-sized international hit with a cover of The Standells‘ “Dirty Water“, and a UK Top 40 hit with their cover of Jimmy McCracklin‘s track, “The Walk”. “Dirty

Water” reached #51 in the United States in January 1980, The song led directly to them recording their debut album

Around 1981, the lead singer, Bill Hurley, became ill following a breakdown, and his place was taken for some time by Barrie Masters, who had recently split with Eddie and the Hot Rods

The Inmates continued to record and tour with Masters until he decided to reform the Hot Rods, and Hurley was well enough to return to fronting the Inmates.

In 1987, The Inmates recorded Meet The Beatles, a live album of Beatles’ cover version songs. It was re-released on CD with bonus cuts including a live version of “Dirty Water”.

One of The Inmates’ songs, “So Much in Love” (written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards), was covered by The Lonely Boys in the mid 1990s.

Another song, “I Can’t Sleep” from their debut L.P. “First Offence” was included as a chapter heading in the Stephen King bestseller “Christine”.

“(I thought I heard a) Heartbeat” was recorded by American band Will and the Kill, who included guitarist Will Sexton brother of Charlie Sexton, and Dr.

Feel good on their “Classic” L.P., the last release on Stiff records. Dr. Feelgood also recorded “Sweet Sweet Lovin” on their “Fast Women, Slow Horses” L.P.

As of 2013, The Inmates are still working and touring, especially in continental Europe. After thirty years, they still have four of the original five band members, and continue to play both original songs and covers.



3 responses to “The Inmates

  1. Very cool!

    David Ryan Senior Audio Technical Director Dome Productions


  2. Greetings from bay bulls Newfoundland. not familiar with this group but I like their sound. I,m waiting for the rain to stop before I go hiking so this was pleasant way to pass the time.
    Dave d.

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