Gary: It is no secret that I was never a huge Disco Fan.  I would be in my mid to late Thirties when the fad hit, I loved to Dance, but did not like most of the music.

Now, there were some songs that I liked, so I will just mention a few with the artists that made them famous.  These artists had limited success, but had a few huge hits.  There were lots of songs and these are not the only ones I enjoyed,  but I just did not enjoy the music that much.  I am not trying to criticize the era, because a lot of people really enjoyed it.  Trust me, I had some great dances during the Disco Era like everyone else and these were my favourite’s.

disco1Steve Greenberg / Cynthia Johnson and Lipps Inc
A band from Minneapolis that made “Funkytown”  # 1 in 28 countries around the world in early 1980,
1980 / Funkytown / # 1 /
disco2Rose Royce
This L.A. Band had everybody dancing in 1976 to the main song from a movie of the same name “Car Wash”
Live on Soul Train /
disco3Peter Brown
Actually a very talented singer, songwriter and record producer from Chicago.  In 1978, his big year, he had a # 8 hit with Dance with Me.
1978 / Dance with Me /
A Gay singer from L.A. who actually died of Aids in 1988.  He had two songs I enjoyed.  In 1978 he would have # 36 You make me feel Mighty Real and # 19 Dance Disco Heat.
You Make Me feel Mighty Real /
Dance Disco Heat /
Rufus, was not a Disco Band, but they had one song that everyone danced too.  They were a great funk band out of Chicago and there featured singer was one of my favourite’s Chaka Chan.
Live on Soul Train
  and 1974
Thelma Huston, multi-talented, singer and actress had a Number 1 Song in 1977 which was Disco.
On the Midnight Special
and the original album cut
disco7  and 
Shirley Goodman started in 1956 with Let the Good Time Roll and then in 1975 had this Disco Hit Shame Shame Shame around the world. Unfortunately she left us in 2005.
Live in 1975
and in 1974 as Shirley and Lee
and the original
Claudia Barry was a singer and actress, born in Jamaica but lived in Scarborough a suburb of Toronto most of her life.  In 1979 she had a huge hit Boogie Woogie Dancing Shoes.
Honourable Mention “Musique” In the Bush 1978

One response to “Disco

  1. loved disco. after years of wearing jeans-we got a chance to get dressed up and use some old spice again. used to go to a great place in Niagara falls operated by the mob. just like in good fellas. mike Jackson had some great disco.

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