Ike Turner and the Kings of Rhythm

By Gary-

Ike Turner:  Immediately a lot of my followers will be turned off because of the movie “What’s Love Got to do with it”.  OK, so before all of you gang up on me, I want you to realize that I do not approve of any spousal violence.

Ike has been gone for several years and, no matter what you think of his private life, I want you to consider only the Music part of it.  Yes, I know this will be controversial but I am a big fan of his “Music”, not him as a functioning part of society. 

You can say what you want but Ike did record what is considered the “First” Rock and Roll Record in 1951.  I do not agree with this selection, but a lot of people agree.  That song has been credited to Jackie Brenston and  his Delta Cats, but it really was Ike Turner and his Kings of Rhythm with Brenston being the sax player. 

Ike had a horrible life during childhood. He was raped and treated terribly; I’m amazed he survived. He did claim to have 11 wives, of which I guess Anna Mae Bullock was the most famous; she was no Angel, but a great singer. 

Look into Tina’s Biography: Ike was really bad, but Tina was no angel either.  I digress. 

Ike was paid a total $20 for Rocket 88, the first Rock and Roll record.  He was self taught; piano first then guitar. He was a tough Task Master. That’s why the Kings of Rhythm were such a Tight Band. 

All I ask is that you just look at the music; Ike Turner was definitely not “Father of the Year”, but man he rocked R&B like nobody else.

Ike Turner (1931-2007)
2002 /  North Sea Jazz Festival / Ike Turner & The Rhythm Kings – Live In Concert (DVD)
2004 / Vienna Jazz Festival /
Proud Mary /
Baby Get it On / Rehearsal /

(I will include some songs with Tina)
1951 / : “Rocket “88” / “Come Back To Where You Belong“, recorded at Sam Phillips’ studio in Memphis, Tennessee, on March 3 or 5, 1951 (Ike Turner and his band, the Kings of Rhythm; with Jackie Brenston, saxophonist and occasional singer, credited as writer) /
1960 / A fool in Love / written by Ike and recorded with Tina
1961 / I Idolize you / written by Ike and recorded with Tina
Here are a couple of songs from over 60 years ago by Ike Turner and the Kings of Rhythm
For the rest of the story and music go to https://strathdee.wordpress.com/2011/07/20/ike-and-tina-turner/
The absolute best Biography is Wikipedia, there is no way in the world I could match this in depth look, please read it the facts will set a lot of things straight. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ike_Turner

5 responses to “Ike Turner and the Kings of Rhythm

  1. Curious as to, in the most recent photo if Ike, why he is wearing a “Star of David” on a chain around his neck?

  2. I had a mate who was in the Merchant Navy back in the 50s, I remember him coming back here to the UK and raving about this band he’d seen Ever after he was an Ike Turner fan (this was around 1955, and we’d never heard of him over here).

  3. Morning Gary

    I completely agree, Ike Turner was a founding figure of Rock and R&B. He was an incredible musician who I last saw live in April 2005 when he did a concert at London’s Barbican Centre. He played both guitar and keyboards, completely dominating the show. At times he was playing both instruments simultaneously!

    Although he was a hard taskmaster Ike Turner was inspirational and very helpful to other musicians. There are numerous accounts of his talents as a band leader. In spite of Phil Spector’s comments to the contrary, without Ike Turner there would be no Tina Turner.

    I also agree that it is important to isolate the music from the person. This is also the case in every art form because to do otherwise would exclude most things cultural.

    Kind regds


    Tony Bowman


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    • Tony: I have always just looked at the music aspect of an Artist, their personal life is really non of my business. Yes, I really liked Ike and agree with what his contribution was early (around 1952) to further and enhance the Progression of Rock and Roll and Rhythm and Blues. Sorry, but I kinda like him a little more Tina and Tina was no Angel. There is no disputing the success of Tina and well deserved, but Ike really was musician, song writer, arranger and for a time was the talent scout for Sun Records and Sam Phillips.


    Please send me your phone number or call me it is very important
    412 469-0050 Hugh “BABE” O’DONNELL
    Ike Turner was the best forget the rest. Drugs and women made him wild.

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