Christmas Song 2017

By Gary:

When they start playing Christmas music in November, I really get tired of it by December, but that aside, what is your favourite Christmas Song?

I really love the traditional music and I guess “Silent Night” is my favourite (which is also my wife Birgit’s favourite too) and sung by a huge choir.  Yes, I love Deck the Halls, Jingle Bells and the list goes one, but pick a song written and recorded after 1955.  I believe that “White Christmas” by Bing Crosby is still one of the most recorded songs in history.

After 1955, now that opens it up to a lot of different songs like, Run Rudolph Run / Chuck Berry, Jingle Bell Rock / Bobby Helms, Rockin’ around the Christmas tree / Brenda Lee, but I will pick a fairly obscure song from 1960.  

Elvis’s “Blue Christmas” was close but in 1960 a Soul/Blues/ Jazz Artist, Charles Brown co-wrote (with Gene Redd) and recorded the following:

1960 / Please come home for Christmas / Charles Brown (still my favourite and the original)
Other versions:
Also my current internet favourite “Josh Turner” a total amateur does a great version /
Here’s Russ’s favourite Christmas piece (an Instrumental) Vince Giraldi’s Christmas Time Is Here, recorded in 1965 for an album called A Charlie Brown Christmas.
So there you have it. 
Now your turn, let me know what your favourite song is and leave it in the comments section.  I had a few others I love, but you can only pick ONE!
Have a Great Christmas
and a fun, safe Holiday Season
Gary & Russ

18 responses to “Christmas Song 2017

  1. Ok…my two faves are 1… Marshmallow World by Kim Stockwood And 2…would be Please Come Home for Christmas by The Eagles Good post


  2. I dearly love many of the rock & roll christmas classics of the 50s & 60s. My favourite Christmas song varies from year to year dependent on what songs i found each year. My favourite this year is a 2 way tie of Christmas Party Hop by Wendy Michelle & Her Boyfriends (sorry quality is not so good) and Kelly McIntyre Everything I Need This Christmas (song starts at 0:30). One of my all time favourites is Billy Fury My Christmas Prayer .

    • Christmas Party Hop – priceless

      • Michael Martin

        Since my post last Dec I have located Wendy Michelle. She is now Wendy LeBeau. She has a rockabilly style band Wendy LeBeau and her Beaus. Wendy is married to Lance LeBeau who also has a rockabilly style band The Fleabops. Together they own Vinylux A Record Company based in Fort Washington MD. The company features their and other rockabilly style bands. I acquired a copy of the CD Christmas Party Hop was on, It’s A Rocking Christmas a compilation album on Run Wild Records. Happy Christmas.

  3. Traditional: Bryn Terfel: Silent Night:;
    Modern: Sleigh Ride by nearly anyone.
    album: Rotary Connection: Peace

  4. Thanx Gary and Russ for all you do for R&R enthusiasts and Boomers around the world! Happy Christmas to you and yours.
    Wow, young Josh Turner and Haley Blais have a great musical career ahead. My 4 choices are: 1. Kenny Vance & The Planotones also singing that same song which is a good slow dance or ‘grind’ as Gary says. 2.’The Christmas Song’ by Nat King Cole as it so traditionally sets the seasonal mood. 3.’ I’ll Be Home For Christmas’ by Elvis because everyone doesn’t get home and some never will again, so it always makes me cry for those we miss so dearly. 4. Again, Elvis, being such a diverse singer in ‘Santa Claus is Back in Town’. Possibly the R&R Classic as the sexiest Xmas 50’s and 60’s song especially with the slow start and then those drums and multiple tempos…fun lyrics especially, ‘the big black Cadillac’. Great way to celebrate.

    Linda -in the snowbelt

  5. From Roger Miller’s sparse take on “Silent Night” to Enya’s version this is most definitely my favourite Christmas song. Must admit to singing along with “White Christmas” and “Pretty Paper”.

  6. I have several favorites but my #1 is the instrumental Sleigh Bells by Leroy Anderson from 1950
    It wasn’t intended to be a Christmas song and the original lyrics written later did not mention Christmas at all.


    Merry Christmas to Gary and Russ every time you send me information it like CHRISTMAS everyday with a big present of pure music knowledge.
    My 2 favorites Holiday songs are White Christmas THE STATUES on LIBERTY RECORDS and ” YOUR MY CHRSTMAS PRESENT” by the late jimmy BEAUMONT and THE PITTSBURGH SKYLINERS on my buddy CLAASIC ARTISTS label.
    HAPPY NEW YEARS 2018 to you and your many followers or SHEPARDS.



  8. Wally the Starter

    O Holy Night and Jingle Bell Rock


  10. I’m not sure any Christmas song will ever top Darlene Love’s “Christmas Baby, please come home. Vintage Spector & Darlene Love.

  11. Gary & Russ, Thanks for another year of eagerly awaited posts. Merry Christmas!!


    Hope it was another great year for your faithful followers. As always my sons MATT and JEFF (THE WAX BROTHERS) have our HOLIDAY gigs and radioactive our CHRISTMAS Library of HITS with Burl IVES and “SNOOPS RED BARON” also THE WEE JAMS “I PRAY ON CHRISYMAS.
    MERRY CHRISTMAS to all and a very HAPPY NEW YEARS 2019.


  13. Wally the Starter, and wife Lorraine, went to see the Barra McNeills last week and Lucy did a great version of O Holy Night, that was my favorite last year also.

  14. I believe in Father Christmas . Performed by Greg Lake.

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