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Gary’s Ballads from the 60s

By Gary:  This the 2nd part of the post that we had to change.

The hard edge of Rock and Roll was gone, White Pop was now the standard created by the record companies and at times it got boring, but there were some great songs, like this one.and live in 1964 /

A new comer would emerge, she was only 16 but under the control of Owen Bradley, she had a # 1 song this year.

Brenda Lee – I’m Sorry

and live

This for me was and is a great song, recorded in an Aircraft Hanger, by a 15 year old Rosie Hamlin. She wrote the poem when she was 14, but again, she was only 15 screwed by the record company and it included decades of legal battles, but she finally won. Unfortunately Rosie left us this year 2017 in March.

Man I love this song,

Rosie and the Originals – “Angel Baby” /

and the late Rosie Hamlin


New Girl friends, so I was dancing again and Kathy Young had a song I enjoyed that year.

Kathy Young and the Innocents – A Thousand Stars

live on PBS

.and in a hotel lobby 2010 with the Earth Angels


A great Ballad from the Safaris in 1960, I just had to find someone to dance with.

The Safaris – Image of a Girl

rehearsal in Hollywood live


This one would come from a TV Star and a TV Show, Connie Stevens and “Sixteen Reasons”.

Sorry, but I like this song /

Live /


There were many more great songs that year, BUT I was alone, no girl friend, working and going to school at night, so it was just Rocking on the Weekends.


One of the true great ballads ever written would be a #1 hit for the former lead singer of the Drifters, Ben E. King and “Stand By Me”.

Ben E. King – Stand by Me / live 1961

A Group called The Jive Five would have a great song that year called “My True Story”, I really liked this song and it had a great R&B Groove.

The Jive Five – My True Story

At Little Darlin’s In Kissimmee Florida /

One of the Greatest Ballads, from Blue Hawaii and the King Elvis with, “Can’t Help Falling in Love”, love this song too.

Elvis –  Can’t help Falling in Love

From Blue Hawaii /

Aloha from Hawaii /

Another song I enjoyed an unknown named Troy Shondell would have me dancing to “This Time”.

Troy Shondell  – This Time

1999 live /

The Great Phil Spector would produce the Paris Sisters and “I love how you love me”

Listen to the Great Production by Phil Spector /

Paris Sisters – “I love how you love me

/ written by Barry Mann

We will go back to my R&B routes and listen to Slim Harpo and “Rainin’ in my Heart” another song I really enjoy.

This was great “Grindin’ Music” /

Slim Harpo – “Rainin’ in my Heart

The last for this year we will turn to the Big “O”, Roy Orbison and “Crying”, what can I say, it’s Roy.

Roy Orbison – Crying

1982 / Austin City Limits /

From Black & White Night (great DVD) /

I know I missed a lot of them, but I had a job, going to school and I got engaged, man I was in a different world, sorry I missed some.


Well the engagement ended at the end of 62, so again a different year for me. I graduated from of my Night School courses and moved into the world of Data Processing and Computers. I was still dancing and going to the clubs to see my favourite groups, but my life was busier and more complicated.

The man from the 50’s would have me dancing again with “Bring it on home to me” the great Sam Cooke

Sam Cooke – Bring it on Home to Me

Motown was just starting to emerge and Smokey with the Miracles would have a great song. It was released late in the year so it would extend into 63.

the Miracles – You’ve really got a hold on me


and LIVE in 1964 /


In Toronto we had another version from “Little Caesar and the Consuls” (the group Russ still plays with) Smokey was huge but so was Little Caesar but not until 1964 /
You’ve really got a hold on me


This is a song I really liked and my future wife to be danced with the Lead Singer in Florida, well before I met her, The Cascades “Rhythm of the Rain”.

The Cascades  – Rhythm of the Rain


and live


A great Soul Ballad that year by Ketty Lester “Love Letters”.

Ketty Lester – Love Letters


and live in 1999 / on Shindig


Remember I was a little busy this year so I missed a lot, but the great Man Ray Charles, had me on the floor dancing.

Ray Charles – I can’t stop loving You

and live 1972 /


Well, I was still going to night school, still Rockin’, but no real girl friend. So I was back to the dating scene and learning a lot about the new field of “Data Processing”.

The Beatles would have a great influence this year, but old stand by Beach Boys would have Two great Ballads.

Beach Boys – Surfer Girl


and live in 64 /


My Favourite / In my Room /


and live in 64 /


and /


A great R&B Ballad by Garnet Mimms & the Enchanters “Cry Baby”, love this song.


Garnet Mimms & the Enchanters – Cry Baby


Dale Houston and Grace Broussard got together in 63 and recorded an older song “I’m leaving it up to you”

Dale & Grace – I’m leaving it up to you


live /


My tastes were changing, I was 23, the music was changing, not quite as many dancing ballads in 1963, for me anyways.


This would be a better year for ballads. I was still in the new computer field, was a true “Car Guy” (I think they also replaced the girls). The Righteous Brother would have a great rendition of an old song (my wife’s favourite) You’ve Lost the Lovin’ Feeling. Remember a great Phil Spector Production.

The Righteous Brothers – You’ve lost that Lovin’ Feeling

and live /

We would hear from Motown and the Temptations with “My Girl”.

The Temptations – My Girl

and live /

We would be dancing to a ballad from the Rolling Stones, “Time is on my Side”.

Rolling Stones –  “Time is on my Side

and live on Ed Sullivan /

A great singer from England Dusty Springfield would record another of my favourites “Wishin’ and Hopin’.

Dusty Springfield –  “Wishin’ and Hopin’.

and live /

It was 1964 so there had to be a Beatles song and there was “And I Love Her”.

The Beatles – And I Love her

I bought another new car this year, that’s 4 in 5 years. The Beatles or Paul McCartney would record a classic this year.

The Beatles – Yesterday

and live / on Ed Sullivan show /

I am now 25, still single, but would get engaged later in the year and it would not last. I enjoyed Barbara Lewis this year with a great R&B Ballad.

Barbara Lewis – Baby I’m Yours

and live /

The Big Man, one of my all time Favourites, “Otis” would have me dancing. Man, I love this song and Otis.

Otis Redding – I’ve been Loving You

and live in Paris in 1966 /

I will end the year with an old Al Hibbler Song re-done by the Righteous Brothers. Man, Bobby had a voice.

Righteous Brothers – Unchained melody

and live /


I would get engaged for the last time 3/4 of the way through the year and would be married in 1967. A true Classic would be huge this year for a singer name Percy Sledge.

Percy Sledge – When a man loves a woman

and live /

The Association would be heard from in 66 and in 67 with my favourite Never my Love, but in 66 it was Cherish.

The Association – Cherish

and live in 67 /

It was a different time for me so ballads were not as important, but I was still Rockin’


Aretha would record one of her classics in 67 “A Natural Woman” .

Aretha Franklin – A natural Woman

and live in 67 /

and at the Kennedy

We would be introduced to the Brothers Gibb this year and a great song “To Love Somebody”

The GeeGees – To Love Somebody

and live in Las Vegas in 1997 /

The Association would record my favourite song of theirs “Never My Love”.

The Association –  Never My Love

and live in 1967 on Ed Sullivan show /

The last two ballads for this year will come from British Groups, The Stones and The Beatles. The Beatles “All you need is Love”

The Beatles – All you need is love

and live /

The Rolling Stones would give us “Ruby Tuesday”.

The Rolling Stone – Ruby Tuesday

and live 1967 Ed Sullivan /

With a new wife, new career change later in the year, and Expo 67 things were changing for me and music was not quite as important, but I was still Rockin’. I will end my little stroll down memory lane in 1967, I was still buying records, still into music, but in three years I would be a father. I have 3 Daughters and 6 grandchildren and the strongest impact ballads had on me was during my Teen and Single years. I know that I have missed or omitted many of your favourite Ballads, but remember, these are the ones that made the biggest impression on an individual who thrives on the Original Concept of Rock and Roll including Rockabilly.


My First Wife Charlene and my 2nd wife and present Love of my Life “Birgit”.