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Playing For CHANGE

By Gary:
I discovered this movement a few years ago, although it was started 17 years ago in 2002.  It’s purpose is to inspire and connect the world through music.  I absolutely love their videos  They have recorded some of the most talented musicians playing together in different parts of the world on the same song.  The videos are extremely creative and entertaining and the talent, WELL you can judge for yourselves.  If you choose too, please support their cause, but we are not encouraging or discouraging our blog members to do so, it is entirely your decision.
I watched this man grow up in Toronto playing with Ronnie Hawkins and the Hawks, not Ringo, Robbie Robertson.
Here is their latest video
The Weight
This was the first video I watched and listened too.
Stand by Me 
This one was next
Bring it on Home to me
Now a little bit of Richie Valens and Los Lobos
La Bamba
There are so many hits here is an Old Doobie Brothers Song
Listen to the Music
This a Country song made popular by the late John Denver
Take Me Home Country Roads
I have never been a Lyrics person but this song from 1969, written by Sly Stone has some of the most relevant Lyrics I have ever heard.
Everyday People
I will leave you with a song from the Late Otis Redding, one of my all-time favourite singers
Sittin’ On The Dock of the Bay
Well maybe one More.  Grandpa Elliott and the PFC Band live in Salvador Brazil
Fannie Mae