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If I give you the names, Joshua Lee Turner, Reina Del Cid, Toni Lindgren and Carson McKee the majority would have NO idea who or what they are.  Well I have been following Josh Turner for about 6 years now.  Through his videos I met a host of extremely talented musicians who are only popular on the Internet.  Now, Josh has become a little more famous as I saw him a few years ago as the guitarist in the Stage play “The Simon and Garfunkel Story” in Toronto.  He became a little better known when he appeared on ABC TV’s Open Mike interpreting Paul Simon’s Graceland.



Joshua Lee Turner:  29 year old Native of Brooklyn New York.  Now according to Josh he was an avid game player PlayStation etc.  His parents in their wisdom confiscated his PlayStation when he was 13 and told him to use his time elsewhere, so to spite them he learned a few Beatle songs and the rest is History.  According to Josh his first success on the Internet was Sultans of Swing 


But the one that went viral was Graceland

  and then he ended up on ABC’s Open Mike and the Genie was out of the bottle. 

Paul Simon Cover goes viral…

I was turned on to Josh when I heard him and his friend Carson McKee singing Johnny Cash’s Folsom Prison Blues

and then he teamed up again with Amber and Taylor to sing Elvis’s “Can’t help falling in Love” 


If you do not already know it I am a huge Delta Blues fan and when I heard him doing Mississippi John Hurt’s Sliding Delta I was done and a huge fan was born.


Joshua Lee Turner:  I started watching him as an unknown, but now at 29, he is fairly successful and Married to his new wife Kelly.


How did I find out about Rina, Toni and Carson? WELL I stumbled on this video / Stealers Wheel / Stuck in the Middle


The 34 Year old Rachelle Cordova (Reina del Cid), was born in Fargo North Dakota and has a band called “Reina del Cid & the Cidizens”

  Carson / Toni / Reina & Josh

Now if you think they are not as talented as Josh WELL think again, here is Toni & Reina doing a tough song “Ain’t Going Down Till the Sun Comes Up” (Garth Brooks song)


and then Chuck Berry “Johnny B Goode”

Toni Lindgren: Is a Los Angeles based guitar player.

Toni Lindgren

Here is Toni and Reina doing the Beatles Octopus’s Garden


Kodachrome Toni and Reina


and Me and Julio down by the School Yard


Not fade away (Buddy Holly)


and a little Willie Nelson / Whiskey River


Carson McKee from Charlotte N.C now based out of Brooklyn.

Carson and Kami Maltz with Bob Dylan’s Blowin in the wind

Carson sings “Mr. Tambourine Man”

  and Gordon Lightfoot’s Early Morning rain /


There are literally 100’s of videos on the internet and if you are interested you will find what you enjoy. 


These videos are all four of them together with songs I enjoy.

A great Jazz version of Route 66


How about a little Bluegrass “Dooley”


How about a little Jim Croce and Bad Bad Leroy Brown


How about Reina and Toni and others / Sister Golden Hair


The Chiffons “One Fine Day”


A Little Country with Mary Chapin Carpenter’s “Down at the Twist and Shout” / 


Bob Dylan’s Mighty Quinn


The large group with 10 Million views and “The Weight” 


Carson & Skyler McKee & Josh singing the Beatles “Two of Us”


Young Talent

This is the cast of the Show I saw in Toronto (Josh Turner)  “The Simon and Garfunkel Story” live on their bus, they have so much talent singing

The Beach Boys “Sloop John B”

and Simon and Garfunkel’s “Baby Driver”

Gary’s Opinion!

This is just my opinion but since I do so much research for our blog using the internet I discover all of this unknown “Talent”.

Trust me, this is REAL talent but (my opinion) some of the “Mega Stars” just don’t have this talent.

What they do have is the correct breaks and promotion I guess.

I have paid and will pay again to see any of them in concert, but as usual they appear to be more popular in Europe.


One response to “Internet Musicians

  1. I am truly impressed with such talent from such young people. Music is alive and well!

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