SOLUTION – 70s-80s Progressive Rock

By Russ:

Solution were a Dutch progressive rock band that existed from 1970 to 1983, during which time they released six studio albums and one live album. They incorporated jazz, rock, pop and soul influences, becoming more commercial on their fifth and sixth albums.

If you were a fan of Pink Floyd, you might enjoy the music of this symphonic rock group very much. They were amazingly creative and imaginative. I loved their music from the early 197Os and they still sound brilliant.



2006 / “Chappaqua” sample / Live in Amsterdam / from their 3rd album: “Cordon Bleu”


“Black Pearl” / from “Cordon Bleu” album #3


“Empty Faces” sample / Guus Willemse, bass & vocals / from their 4th album “Fully Integrated”


“It’s Only Just Begun” / Guus Willemse, bass & vocals / from their 5th studio album


Willem Ennes / “Captain Willy” / from their 5th album


“100 Words” / Willem Ennes, keyb / Tom Barlage, soprano sax / Guus Willemse, vocals and bass


“Runaway” / [influenced by Running On Empty?]


Band members [Then / Later]:

Former member:

  • Peter van der Sande – bass guitar, vocals on “Solution” (replaced by Guus Willemse)

Guest members:

  • Jan Akkerman – guitar on “Logic” from the album It’s Only Just Begun
  • Steve Boston – congas on “Solution”
  • Jim Capaldi – vocals on “Runaway”
  • Arthur Clarck – bass guitar
  • Jaap van Eik – bass guitar
  • Frankie Fish – backing vocals on “Cordon Bleu”
  • Harry Hardholt- guitar
  • Adri Klöne – bass guitar
  • Kaz Lux – vocals
  • Nippy Noya – percussion on “It’s Only Just Begun”
  • Michiel Pos – vocals, acoustic guitars, flute on “Cordon Bleu”
  • John Schuursma – guitar



Their first eponymous LP comprised mainly instrumental pieces, complex yet repetitive in structure, with bassist Peter van der Sande singing on one track. (He would be succeeded by Guus Willemse around the time of its release.)

1971 First studio album: SOLUTION


A1 Koan / Written-By – Waterman, Barlage, Ennes
A2 Preview / Written-By – Barlage
A3 Phases / Written-By – Waterman, v. d. Sande, Barlage, Ennes
B1 Trane Steps / Written-By – Waterman, Barlage, Ennes
B2 Circus Circumstances / Written By – Emerson,  Waterman, Ibert, Barlage, Ennes

Track #A3: Phases / mainly a keyboard synthesizer piece featuring Willem Ennes



Immediately on the heels of the first album and acquiring bassist Guus Willemse the band began recording more vocal songs; three of the tracks on their second album Divergence featured lyrics.

1972 – 2nd album: DIVERGENCE

Songs / Track Listing

1. Second line (8:44)
2. Divergence (5:58)
3. Fever (4:22)
4. Concentration (12:28)
5. Theme (0:38
6. New Dimension (6:25)

SOLUTION – Medley: Theme / Contration


Their third album “Cordon Bleu” was the one that really caught my attention as a concept album. I took me on a musical trip from start to finish.  

Cordon Bleu (1975) was recorded at Rockfield Studios in Monmouth, Wales and produced by Elton John’s producer Gus Dudgeon, it was released on Elton John’s own label named The Rocket Record Company,

Cordon Bleu charted in the Netherlands on 20 December 1975, reaching #18 and spending 11 weeks on the chart.

First released on vinyl and cassette, it was later reissued by CBS in 1980 and on Compact Disc in 1988. In 2006, “Chappaqua”, “Whirligig” and “Third Line” were included on the compilation The Ultimate Collection, with versions of the other three tracks featured on the live disc.

All the tracks for this album are included for your listening pleasure.

1975 – 3rd album: CORDON BLEU


A1 – Chappaque

A2 – Third Line (Part 1)

A3 – Third Line (Part 2)

A4 – A Song For You

B1 – Whirligig

B2 & B3 – Last Detail (Parts 1 and 2)

B4 Black Pearl (Part 1)

B5 – Black Pearl (Part 2)

Both “Cordon Bleu” and the next album were produced by Elton John’s producer Gus Dudgeon, and featured a crisper sound and more concise songwriting.


1977 – 4th studio album: FULLY INTERLOCKING


A1 Give Some More
A2 Carousel
A3 Sonic Sea
B1 Free Inside
B2 French Melodie
B3 Empty Faces


1980 – 5th Studio Album: IT’S OLY JUST BEGUN


1 On My Own
Written-By – H. Waterman*, Jan Akkerman*, T. Barlage*, W. Ennes*
2 Captain Willie
Congas, Bongos, Percussion – Nippy Noya Written-By – W. Ennes*
3 Mirror (Of Your Life)
Congas, Bongos, Percussion – Nippy Noya Written-By – G. Willemse*, T. Barlage*, W. Ennes*
4 Logic
Congas, Bongos, Percussion – Nippy Noya Guitar – Jan Akkerman Written-By – T. Barlage*, W. Ennes*
5 It Happened In September
Written-By – G. Willemse*, W. Ennes*
6 It’s Only Just Begun
Congas, Bongos, Percussion – Nippy Noya Written-By – G. Willemse*, H. Waterman*, T. Barlage*, W. Ennes*
7 100 Words
Written-By – G. Willemse*




1982 – 6th Studio Album: RUNAWAY


Run Away 3:50
Shame On You 4:28
Move On 4:23
Evil Love 5:07
Bad Breaks 4:43
Who’s To Blame 4:57
Down Hearted 4:15
Lovin’ You Was Easy 4:44



  • Solution (1971)
  • Divergence (1972)
  • Cordon Bleu (1975)
  • Fully Interlocking (1977)
  • …It’s Only Just Begun… (1980)
  • Runaway (1982)
  • Solution Live (1983)
  • Reunionconcert Solution (DVD, 2006)


“Binging” Section

Tribute the late keyboard player, Willem Ennes


1977 / Solution / Fully Interlocking / full album / 38 minutes


Woodwind player Tom Barlage / “Tommy” / A COVID project video


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