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Russ Strathdee and Gary Copeland

Gary: I guess this is how it all started – I sent an email to Russ telling him about some music I loved. He said, we could start a blog.

My friend Russ and I have been writing this blog since June 2009.  We attended the same High School but really did not know each other as he is ONE Year my senior and I keep reminding him of that. 
If you are one of our blog followers you know that Russ is the consummate musician and I am a 5 chord wonder. Russ is very articulate in his writing and I basically can be all over the place.  I, on the other hand, am the reason the blog exists as 90% of the ideas and drive comes from me.  Russ does the maintenance. As we both grew up in the computer industry, he would be the better code writer and technician. 

… Good old times and the Best Years Of Music.

Gary loves the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey team

Living in  the Past?


Russ is a composer, producer and saxophonist. His primary web site is: http://www.rstrathdee.com

Gary: Born May 27, 1940  ( Rick Nelson, also born May 1940, was one of my favourite artists).

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Gary and his bike


I grew up in a small community called Newtonbrook, which became Willowdale, and now is North York, all part of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  There where not many houses around when I was a kid, so I walked about 2 kms to school each day.  As the area grew, a new school called Lillian Street was opened just blocks from my home.  Well I was back on the Bus again, because my High School, Earl Haig Collegiate, was about 10 kms away (8 miles).  It was at this time, the birth of Rock and Roll, my love of music started.  My Dad also loved music, played a little guitar and bought 78’s of 12th Street Rag/Pee Wee Hunt, Spike Jones and his City Slickers and so on.

Gary Copeland (1964)

Russ and I ran in different circles at high school (Earl Haig); he was the high flying sax player and 1 year older while I was a five chord wonder on the guitar.  I knew as soon as I heard Fat’s Domino’s “Ain’t That a Shame” that I was hooked.  I ran dances. I love to Dance; I do not know where it comes from but I posses natural Rhythm (some white people do have rhythm and can dance).  My parents where great, we where far from wealthy, there were some lean years, so I always had a part time job.

My working career was in the Computer field/Sales and Marketing with about only about 6 companies over a 40 year period and I think very successfully.

I found Russ again in 2008 and we may not have been close in High School, but I think that we have a common interest “Music” and I think we like each other (he is a tough Boss).  My interest in Music has never waned, I have taken College Courses on the Birth of Rock and Roll, I have an extensive written Library on the subject (best books are the Norm N. Nite Rock On Series) and have been collecting Music on vinyl, tape, CD and DVD for about 56 years.  If I ever feel a little down, I just go to the basement, turn on the system and Crank it up and my troubles seem to go away, that includes my wife, she hates loud music. The only reason that I put so much time into Russ’s Blog (you would not believe the time) is Russ; he talked me into it and we have become close friends while doing it and that I think I enjoy more.

November 14, 2013

This just in from Gary, who is enjoying a great vacation at Berry Creek area of Georgetown, Texas. Yeehaw!


Gary’s Update July 22, 2011…

My Blog partner Russ and I spend, literally Thousands of hours creating the Blog.  People have asked me, WHY?  Well in Russell’s case, it just keeps him off the street, and for me it’s who I am .  Really, we both do this because we are NOT in love with the music of today and we do not want people to forget about the incredible era that we grew up in.

I was encouraged by Russ to take on this project.  Well, it has been over 2 years now, and what a ride it has been.   I think we both enjoy it immensely and we have become very close friends because of this simple little Blog.  Not only Russ, but I have made some very good friends from the Blog, Misty (yes I know her real name, she was one of the first Go-Go Dancers in the Peppermint Lounge) in Florida, Marilyn in Washington State (the biggest Rick Nelson Fan I know) Gene Thomas in Texas (had top 40 hit in 61) Wally and Drew in Washington State, Adrian in France and the list goes on.  Although it probably has taken close to 2000 hours of my time over the past two years, I have enjoyed all of  it and will keep at it because,  We will not let the “Music Die”.

April 21, 2010

– From Russ’s dear drummer friend, Sonny Milne, who said,  “I can think of a few places this should be worn “…

May 29, 2013 – Dagwood’s musical preference…


May 30, 2011 – Dagwood’s regard for today’s music…

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August 12, 2011 – Dagwood starting to like today’s music?

June 25, 2012 – I can identify with Dagwood on this one…

How dinosaurs became extinct:

The very first “Senior Moment”…

Russ and Gary watching the boat sail off


25 responses to “About Us

  1. Hi Gary

    I have an old 45 that I was wondering about. The group is the Falcons and the A side is ” You’re so fine “, L. Finney – W. Schofield. It’s on Unart records label a division of United Artists Records. I bought it back in circa 1962 at the Towers store at Bloor and Dundas for one cent! Ever heard of the group?


    • Don: My partner Russ has a posting that he has not done yet (he is old and very slow), but it talks about the Falcons. The Falcons: Great Group, lots of Talent / You’re so Fine has Eddie Floyd as the lead singer (he would later record Knock on Wood under his own name) that recording was done in 1959. In 1961 they acquired a new lead singer, an unknown named “Wilson Pickett” and he would record “I found a Love” with the Falcons. Wilson, would also use the Falcons for back up in some of his recordings. Normally, I am not this well informed, but I just finished it two or three days ago and Russ should have it posted by 2011, just kidding, maybe next week.
      The Falcons – I Found a Love

      You’re so Fine with Eddie Floyd and I Found a Love with Wilson Pickett

      I hope this helps and thanks for enjoying our work. (Eddie is still with us he would be 74 and we lost Wilson in 2006)

  2. Hi Love Your Website .As You Know Russ I;m Really A HANK SR Fan.Keep Up The Great Work. Don.

  3. Very Nice Russ.

  4. I think what you guys are doing is wonderful! I grew up with alot of diffrent music going on in the house from Booots Randolph to Frank Sinatra Motown Doo Wop Tom Jones the Beatles and on it goes. I love music.
    Thanks again for keeping it alive!

    Deb B.

  5. Hello Russ & Gary,
    I enjoy browsing your site. Keep up the good work. When I am down I also play my music. My dream is to have a little cabin in the woods with a generator so I can always play the tunes I enjoy. LOL

    • I know where there’s a nice spot like that little cabin… just north of North Bay. Maybe use Solar panels. Convert all your music to mp3’s and play them on an iPod.

  6. Ruth Ann Galatas

    You did such an outstanding job on your Joey Dee account. Is Joey aware of your work?

  7. Zilvinas Juraska

    Everyone loves what you guys are up too. Such clever work and coverage! Keep up the terrific work guys I’ve added you guys to my personal blogroll.

  8. Raymonde Newlan

    Took me time to read all the comments, but I really enjoyed the article. It proved to be Very helpful to me and I am sure to all the commenters here! It’s always nice when you can not only be informed, but also entertained! I’m sure you had fun writing this article.

  9. Hello,

    My name is Damon Smith and I am the grandson of Darrell Johnson of the Kuf-linx. My mother is e-mailing me a picture of the group that includes her father Darrell and I was wondering if you would be so kind as to post it in their profile.

    Thank you in advance!

    • Hi Damon
      We are missing a photo of the Kuf-linx so I think that would be great if you could send one. I’ll email you about this.
      – Russ

  10. Russ, its over 58 +- years ago but I have never forgotten your Hooperdinkle Harp House letter that you created in English comp at the Haig.

    Rock on Russ, you are an inspiration.!

    Dave D.

  11. Hey Guys, Just for the record, David (Jay Black) Blatt was his given name. That’s what he called himself when he sang with the “Empires” from Empire Blvd. in Brooklyn.

  12. What a great site I have stumbled upon here. Have been looking for decent links to add to my music website and this has now been added. A mine of information. Great work guys.

  13. Thanks for the emails guys. I think this will be the start of a great friendship with your site and mine. Absolutely loving it!!

  14. I’m so grateful…what a tremendous site; a fountain of information! I’m associated with Alan A. on his Soft Rock Cafe music site as an administrator and, as he puts, right arm lady to SRC! 😉 Alan knows how I love the drums and sax, so he sent me Russ’ YouTube video of Honky Tonk and Mr Lee! After listening to Russ’ talented version, I just had to post it to my Facebook wall for everyone to enjoy…and are they ever! I expect to be making regular visits to this site as I absolutely love it and want to explore it all! Keep up the tremendous work guys and know it is so appreciated!!

    • Wow! Thanks so much, Diane, for your kind words and wonderful support. That really makes our day to have such input. Hopefully, we’ll keep your visits interesting.

  15. Although not in your genre of music I have started adding more stuff to my “Smooth Jazz” channel on the website. Inspired by you guys here for sending me that wonderful sax video!! Have just added a number of great sax players (Dave Koz, Boney James, David Sanborn, Euge Groove) and Rick Braun on trumpet, Peter White on guitar and a great pianist in Brian Culbertson. Plus many more!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  16. Just found this heavenly compilation which just about describes your site! Have added to my 50’s channel. Full of music magic!!

    Hope you enjoy?

  17. Hope you enjoy this great interview with Paul McCartney!!

  18. That was definitely interesting with David Frost 40+ years later interviewing Paul once more – quite reflective. Thanks, Alan.

  19. I remember the Yonge Street strip really well, and taking Buddy Guy to the island with my brother for a picnic. He played at the old Colonial Tavern. We’re from Willowdale too, and used to hitchhike downtown. Back in the day, there wasn’t much of a music scene in Willowdale!. We had to head south! Cheers, I look forward to reading your blog and stirring up those old memories!

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