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Christmas Song 2017

By Gary:

When they start playing Christmas music in November, I really get tired of it by December, but that aside, what is your favourite Christmas Song?

I really love the traditional music and I guess “Silent Night” is my favourite (which is also my wife Birgit’s favourite too) and sung by a huge choir.  Yes, I love Deck the Halls, Jingle Bells and the list goes one, but pick a song written and recorded after 1955.  I believe that “White Christmas” by Bing Crosby is still one of the most recorded songs in history.

After 1955, now that opens it up to a lot of different songs like, Run Rudolph Run / Chuck Berry, Jingle Bell Rock / Bobby Helms, Rockin’ around the Christmas tree / Brenda Lee, but I will pick a fairly obscure song from 1960.  

Elvis’s “Blue Christmas” was close but in 1960 a Soul/Blues/ Jazz Artist, Charles Brown co-wrote (with Gene Redd) and recorded the following:

1960 / Please come home for Christmas / Charles Brown (still my favourite and the original)
Other versions:
Also my current internet favourite “Josh Turner” a total amateur does a great version /
Here’s Russ’s favourite Christmas piece (an Instrumental) Vince Giraldi’s Christmas Time Is Here, recorded in 1965 for an album called A Charlie Brown Christmas.
So there you have it. 
Now your turn, let me know what your favourite song is and leave it in the comments section.  I had a few others I love, but you can only pick ONE!
Have a Great Christmas
and a fun, safe Holiday Season
Gary & Russ