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Glass Tiger

By Gary:

In the 80’s I lived North of Toronto about 55 kms in a large town (It is large now but a little smaller then) called Newmarket, Ontario.  During that period there was a band that came from that area and was popular not only in Canada but in the United States and other countries.  They won many Juno awards (Canadian equivalent of the Grammy) and a Grammy in 1987 for single of the year.  I was not a Huge Fan but I did enjoy most of their music.

Then and Now

Glass Tiger


1986 / Don’t Forget me (when I’m gone) / 


1986 / Someday / 


1987 / I will be There / 


1988 / I’m still Searching / 



1986 / Don’t forget me (when I’m gone) / # 1 Canada


1986 / Someday / # 7 US


1987 / You’re what I Look For / # 11 Canada


1988 / I’m still searching / # 2 Canada


1988 / Diamond Sun / # 5 Canada


1991 / Animal Heart / # 4 Canada


There are a few other hits, this is just a cross section. 

In Newmarket, Ontario, vocalist Alan Frew and bassist Wayne Parker (both from local band Onyx), along with keyboardist Sam Reid (from Holland Landing band The End), were recruited by drummer Michael Hanson with the intention of forming a new band. At the time, Hanson was the lead singer and drummer of The End. After Hanson disbanded The End, the new partnership from the ashes of both bands successfully formed the band Tokyo; that band later developed into Glass Tiger in 1983. Guitarist Al Connelly joined the band in 1983.

In 1986, Glass Tiger released its first album, The Thin Red Line; it was produced by Jim Vallance (who co-wrote two songs) and Bryan Adams made a memorable vocal cameo on the lead single “Don’t Forget Me (When I’m Gone)”. This album went quadruple platinum in Canada and gold in the United States. Two of its songs, “Don’t Forget Me (When I’m Gone)” and “Someday”, reached the Top 10 in the U.S. charts. Glass Tiger won three 1986 Juno Awards: Album of the Year for The Thin Red Line, Single of the Year for “Don’t Forget Me (When I’m Gone)”, and Most Promising Group of the Year. The album’s producer, Jim Vallance, was named Composer of the Year. The band won two more Juno Awards in 1987] and was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best New Artist. The band performed in the United States as part of the Raised on Radio Tour and on Tina Turner’s European Break Every Rule Tour.

The band released a second album, Diamond Sun, in 1988. The album was certified triple platinum in Canada and featured the single “I’m Still Searching”, which peaked at #2 in Canada. Hanson left the band in 1988 following the release of Diamond Sun.

Glass Tiger’s third album, Simple Mission, was released in 1991 by Capitol Records. The album received radio play in Canada and Europe. It was certified platinum in Canada.

The band went on hiatus in 1993. After pursuing other projects, the band reformed in 2003 with new drummer Chris McNeil  and began touring again.

In March 2009, Glass Tiger and members of the NHL alumni visited Canadian Forces stationed in Kandahar, Afghanistan.  The visit included live performances and footage was shown on an episode of Entertainment Tonight Canada. The band returned to Afghanistan for a second performance in 2010.

In 2012, Glass Tiger toured across Canada with the band Roxette, and performed as part of Penticton, BC’s “Rock The Peach Music Fest” On July 1, 2013, Glass Tiger performed a free concert in Leduc, Alberta as part of a Canada Day Celebration.  Glass Tiger performed at a number of festivals in the summer of 2017.  On September 23, 2017, Glass Tiger performed at Canada Games Plaza in Prince George, British Columbia. The free concert was held to thank the city for receiving over 11,000 evacuees from the southern interior who had been displaced by various wildfires.

In February 2018, to celebrate 31 years of making music together, the band released an album entitled 31. Produced by Scottish/Canadian country artist Johnny Reid, the album includes special guest contributions from Julian Lennon (“Thin Red Line”), Alan Doyle (“My Song”), Véronic DiCaire (“Someday”) and Susan Aglukark and David R. Maracle (“Diamond Sun”).

In May 2019, Glass Tiger released their fifth studio album, 33.  Following the release of 33, the band joined Corey Hart on his Never Surrender cross-Canada tour in June 2019.  The band continued to perform a number of headlining shows throughout the summer and performed as part of the Sopot International Song Festival in Poland. (Wikipedia)


Current members

·        Al Connelly – guitar, backing vocals (1983–present)

·        Alan Frew – vocals, guitar, tambourine (1983–present)

·        Wayne Parker – bass, backing vocals (1983–present)

·        Sam Reid – keyboards, piano, backing vocals (1983–present)

·        Chris McNeill – drums (2003–present)

Former members

·        Michael Hanson – drums, guitar, backing vocals (1983–1988)