Name That Tune

Russ: Years ago, I was in the habit of recording some of my favorite music off the radio, using a trusty old SCT-30 cassette recorder.

Lately I’ve started converting some of these recordings to mp3’s, and I came across one in particular that I cannot identify:

Mystery Tune

If you have a clue what it is called and /or the artist who did it, I’d love to hear from you.

Can you help me?  You would make my day! Please let me know by leaving a Comment below.


2 responses to “Name That Tune

  1. your song is got to give it up by Kim Waters cool oh by the way my grandfather is dyer hurdon thats how i found u. just surfin the web i live in minneapolis MN i still have all bobby records keep on rockin there guys. from

    • That’s great John – you nailed it! “Got To Give It Up” – now I can check out other tunes by Kim Waters. Also so cool to hear you are the grandson of Dyer Hurdon. I’ll tell the Martels you contacted me. Too bad you live so far from where they perform.
      – Russ

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