Bubblegum! – Gary

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When I was just a youngster, in public school, bubblegum was just that; bubblegum to blow bubbles with.  In the years around 1967 to 1972 an entire industry and culture was created, yes created.  It was created and produced for pre-teens and teenagers, in an assembly line process driven by producers and faceless groups.  It had riffs or hooks and simple chords, catchy melodies, faceless groups and danceable beats.  The groups that I remember where created by Don Kirshner and the famous Buddah records, or created by Jerry Kasenetz and Jeff Katz of Kasenetz/Katz.  There where so many, I will just deal with these two.

Don Kirshener: who assembled Ron Dante from the Cuff Links, Jeff Barry and Canadian Andy Kim, where really the driving force behind “The Archies”.

As we all know, they where on TV and where and maybe still are  comic book characters.  No one in there wildest dreams thought that this team could produce a song that literally zoomed up the charts, sold untold Millions and is still played today, “Sugar Sugar“.

The Archies – Sugar, Sugar

This all happened in 1969 and the song was # 1 and was song of the year, yes bubblegum.  I actually own a vinyl of  ” The Archie’s Greatest Hits”, they had 3.  I am a dancer and have always had a lot of parties, so like them or not they are always requested.  Jingle Jangle made it to # 10 and Bang-shang-a-lang # 22.

The Archies – Jingle Jangle

The Archies – Bang-shang-a-lang

Most of the voice work was done by Ron Dante and Andy Kim with additions by Susan Morse, Joey Levine, Maeretha Stewart, Bobby Bloom, and Leslie Miller contributed
background vocals at various times.

The Archies – Over And Over

These may be “bubblegum” but listen to the arrangements; they are tight, very professional, great riffs & hooks and made to sell records, which they did.  All this from a group that really did not exist.

OK:  Next time Boys and Girls we will look at Kasenetz/Katz Buddah, The Ohio Express and 1910 Fruitgum Company.

– Gary

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  1. Gary – I lost your email somehow, but I don’t know the answer to your question except that Michael Jackson apparently owns some of Little Richard’s catalog. (That would make sense given Michael’s love of Richard’s music.) I’d love to know more if you find out anything. Thanks.

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